Appetizers at Aloha Steakhouse

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a wonderful time as this day is coming to an end! Tonight I went out with my friend Aubrey, to Aloha Steakhouse. We used my GnarlyBuys coupon which allowed us to get $30 dollars worth of food for $15! Great deal, right?!

We had such a fun time! Cosmo ^

Here is Aubrey & I at Aloha’s waiting for our appetizers to come out! We ordered 3 to split for our dinner

For our first, we got Coco-nutty Shrimp which is dipped in fresh shredded coconut & panko bread crumbs, served with island mustard and plum sauce

For the second, we ordered an Artichoke stuffed with Sauteéd Mushrooms & topped with Parmesan cheese.

For the third, we chose the Spinach Dip served with Jalapeno cheese toast. We were trying to decide our favorites by the time we left, and it was very hard! They were all excellent! I really loved the Artichoke with Sautéed Mushroom though, so if I HAD to pick, that would be it!

The Ventura Pier is beautiful no matter what the weather. I love that Aloha’s is right next to this. So pretty! And tonight, there were TONS of surfers out. It was fun getting to see all that 🙂


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