The family came over for dinner!

Last night my family came over and my parents cooked dinner! It was great to have my aunt and uncle (Shelly & Denny) over. My brother and his girlfriend were here too. They all had a great time talking. So much so that I snuck away and cleaned the kitchen while they continued to enjoy each others company. Everyone was very thankful- that made me happy 🙂

My mom threw together this yummy salad which had cucumbers, jalapenos, and tomatoes, with italian dressing on romaine lettuce

It was delicious and tasted so fresh; I got a good serving!

My dad made fresh pizza from scratch. He made it greek-style. It was so yummy!

We also had leftover lasagna that my dad also made a few nights prior. I hadn’t eaten any yet- that’s why you haven’t seen it on the blog 😉 It was very good, and filled with spinach and chicken! Mmm!


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