Pizza inspired sandwich + a soup & salad dinner!

Hey everyone! Today has been so crazy busy. I had two babysitting jobs, and had to call around all over the place to get everything situated and set in stone for school this semester. I wanted to get a plan down that would be fully effective! That I did 🙂

For lunch today I made this simple, different, and delicious sandwich!

Fig & Gorgonzola melt, with a Boca patty on top! I got the idea from a gorgonzola and fig pizza that my friend Linda Hale once made me! She’s an AMAZING cook- I miss her cooking!

I bought the fig butter from Trader Joes. I saw it on the shelves yesterday, and couldn’t pass it up. It’s great!

My sandwich is one piece of sourdough toast, a thin spread of fig butter, and a Boca patty. I used a Boca patty because that’s what we had leftover and I wanted protein, but I was thinking- turkey would probably be soo good! Especially if you put a little mozzarella cheese on top! It would remind me of the combination of turkey & cranberry on Thanksgiving. I’ll have to give that one a try!

This sandwich was created by toasting the bread, putting everything on top, and sticking it in the oven at 350 for about 5 minutes to get everything melted together. If you’d like more cheese, your favorite slice of cheese would top everything off perfectly!

After lunch I worked for quite a few hours. When I came home I was craving a salty snack, so I reached for about 1/2 a serving of fritos and a tablespoon or so of blue cheese dressing. Mmmm mmm good!

For dinner I made Split Pea Soup and a side salad. It was delicious! Especially the salad!

The salad was inspired by my favorite: Urbane Cafe

The soup was from a Trader Joes canned. It was good, but not my favorite Split Pea. I like it best either homemade, or “Anderson’s Split Pea Soup”

As I was eating the soup, I added a little Tapatio on top for some extra spice! Mmm was it spicy! So good 😉

All in all this was quite a delicious and satisfying dinner! I made Marco the same thing, but instead of the soup he got a turkey & cheese Panini. I’m happy to say he really liked it! That’s the joy of making food for your friends- good feedback and happy tummies! 🙂

Anyways, I’m off to bed! I have a wedding to attend tomorrow! Can’t wait! It’s going to be a blast!



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