The Most Perfect, FUN Wedding!

Hello everyone! How was your weekend?! Hopefully wonderful! Mine has been so much fun, and I know I have been so MIA! I was in San Juan Capistrano all weekend for my BEAUTIFUL cousin Amelia’s wedding! It was the nicest wedding I have ever been to- WOW!

Well, here’s the documentation of pictures from Saturday-Sunday that I would love to share with you! ENJOY! 🙂

Yesterday’s breakfast! I wanted something that would hold me over for a while!

Bran flakes, raisins, and slivered almonds with 2% milk. I got my fiber, my fruity sweetness, and my protein! It was the perfect balance!

On the drive down, about 6 hours after breakfast we were all STRAVING and would have eaten just about anything! We stopped at a Carl’s Junior off the road and I grabbed the healthiest thing I could find.

A turkey burger! This was actually okay for fast food. I took off all the sauce, which made this meal about 400 calories total. Not too bad!

Now let’s get back to being classy 😉 When we arrived at the hotel there was a whole wedding-guest gift waiting for us! Woohoo! I popped that wine right away!

Here’s me right before we left to the wedding! Already excited for the night to come!

Congratulations Amelia & John!

You may now kiss your bride! Mr. and Mrs. Owens!

The reception was absolutely beautiful!

First thing when we got there was cocktail time! Everyone went to the OPEN bar first, and then had dinner! Margarita margarita margarita!

My cousin Ali & I! Ah! I was so happy to see her! I hadn’t seen her in 2 years! We used to see each other like every weekend!

My cousin Megan and I! My partner in crime, all night! We had SO much fun together! BOSTON!

Me & my parents! Love you two!

Amelia & John Owens! What a beautiful bride and handsome groom!!!!

Dinner time! On the menu:

First Course: fresh chopped salad with cranberries, golden beets, bermuda onion, pine nuts, and gorgonzola with caper cilantro vinaigrette & creamy tomato soup

Main Entree: boneless breast of chicken stuffed with mascarpone cheese & spinach on a bed of light champagne cream sauce & sautéed fresh seasoned vegetables AND top sirloin paired with a caramelized onion and balsamic reduction macaroni and cheese with gorgonzola, asiago, and cream sauce

Dessert: wedding cake (which I did not have because I couldn’t even finish my dinner- oops!)

The food was INCREDIBLE!!

And a nice little surprise with dinner 😉 A rose from Austin! Soo pretty! I saved it, just like he told me to!

Dancing with Austin & his beautiful mom!

This was the in-n-out truck at midnight at the AFTER PARTY! By this time we were reallly having a good time! Megan and I got burgers (I split one with my mom) and diet cokes to go. The funny thing is the diet coke ended up in my lap instead of my stomach! Haha- it was just about the funniest thing ever! A special thank you to Megan! 😉

Ali & I having wayy too much fun!

Amelia & her mom dancing! So cute! 🙂

The wedding was soo beautiful. Everything went perfectly, and everyone had suuuch a great time. It was so special, and I am so happy for you Amelia & John! Best wishes- you guys are a beautiful couple!!


This morning we went over to the Stampers (brides parents) house and had brunch. It was so good, and so much fun to see everyone again and talk about all the funny stories from the wedding!

I think Megan and I had the most fun telling stories! Haha! “That was just about the freightest train I have ever seen!” -Megan, referring to a really long train that we thought was going through the parking lot! Haha 😀

Look at my sweet baby boy smiling! I love you Kingston!

Austin and I enjoying our mimosas and laughing over the night before

The best french toast casserole that has ever been made! I split this piece with my mom. We were in heaven!

Were definitely going to learn how to make this! SO GOOD!

Anyways, now I’m home and about to go to the College to find my classes! I want to be prepared in the morning when I start back to school! Crazy that summer is over! Can’t believe it! Hope you guys have a great evening! I’ll see you back here a little bit later! 🙂



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2 responses to “The Most Perfect, FUN Wedding!

  1. Austin Evett

    I love this and I’m glad I was included! See ya soon paige!


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