Does Cooked Food Feel Heavier?

Good evening! Hope everyone enjoyed the day. Today was a little bit more stressful for me. Not school or anything, just some emotions. I’ll get through it! I found this quote that I’ll share with you guys because it really helped me: “One problem with gazing too frequently into the past is that we may turn around to find that the future has run out on us.” -Michael Cibenko

It’s good, right? It it very encouraging to me because it pushes me to move forward in all aspects of my life on not dwell on any one thing for too long.

Anyways! Here’s the snack I took to school today. I actually took it yesterday but wasn’t hungry, so I ate it today 😉

After Anatomy Lecture, I went to the doctor for a check-up apt. and then came home to eat some lunch before I went to work.

My Dad made Chicken Adobo! Mmmm! My favorite meal that he makes! The Chicken is SO tender and soo juicy- it’s absolutely amazing!

I’ll definitely have him teach me to make it and give you all the recipe 🙂

I put the chicken & sauce on a bed of brown rice. SOO good.

After I ate one bowl, I wanted more, but I knew I didn’t need more, so I used a trick I learned in Naturally Thin, by Bethenney Frankel. I changed the flavor! One bite of the peach and I forgot I even wanted more Chicken Adobo! Perfect Technique!

After a few hours of work I came home and studied for about an hour, and then had another bowl of soup that my Dad made last night. Such good soup!

After I ate the soup I had a VERY small bowl (maybe 1/4 cup) of refried beans with a few (maybe 3) chips and salsa on top. My dad made a big pot of beans and they looked so yummy, so I just grabbed a small serving to satisfy myself.

Whenever I eat a lot of cooked food during the day I feel like I ate more, even if I ate the same amount of food the day before.

Does that ever happen to you guys?

I guess it’s just heavier! Tomorrow I want to start the day with some un-cooked food! It feels better! Haha, I think I’m ready for bed… too many thoughts today. Time to relax! 😉


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