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DAY 29: Quinoa Parfait!

So, I have integrated Quinoa into my breakfast parfait now!

Greek Yogurt, Quinoa, and banana! Mmm mmm good!

This was the perfect, taste breakfast. Reminds me of rice pudding because of the texture!

For lunch I had collard greens with black eyed peas on top!

My dad cooked the greens, and slow cooked the beans and I just threw them together. It was seriously to die for! And SO healthy!

Later, after cleaning my room for a while, I had this hard boiled egg. I took the yolk out and mixed it with a tsp. of greek yogurt, paprika, and pepper. It was so good! Way to replace the mayo!

Today I also ate:

An apple pear

A cashew cookie LARABAR

A mango smoothie with greek yogurt, almond milk, and frozen mango

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DAY 28: A delicious soup for dinner

This morning I was in a hurry, so while I was getting ready I threw some eggs on the stove to hard-boil them for the day. I knew it would be an easy, filling thing to take with me.

For breakfast I had a soft-boiled egg with pepper & paprika (soft-boiled is when the inside is like half boiled; it’s not quite as hard as “hard-boiled”)

For lunch I had a hard boiled egg. Today has been SOO BUSY so this is really all I’ve had time for, and luckily the protein has kept me full.

For dinner I had this big bowl of soup. This soup is White Bean and Vegetable. It’s a delicious, super creamy treat! I LOVED this soup! I actually got it at my Moms hospital when I went to visit her while running errands for Megan (the lady I nanny for). The hospital actually has good food!

A couple hours after dinner I enjoyed this Naked Juice which I also bought from the hospital! Now, I am off to babysit for the night for the second time today! Well, third if you count nannying too. Woohoo!

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DAY 27: A quinoa breakfast and Peeled Snacks lunch

Ever wonder what you could eat for breakfast that would keep you full and satisfied for a long amount of time?

For me, Quinoa seems to be the perfect fit!

What better way to have it then warmed up like a perfectly good breakfast cereal?

During this time of No Grains, No Sugar, and No Cheese, this has been such a special treat because Quinoa really does seem like a grain! It is not a grain, it is actually a Vegetable Protein. I got this confirmed by my Naturopath yesterday! Woohoo!

For lunch I had another Satisfying food!

Greek Yogurt with Peeled Snacks!

This time my Peeled Snacks consisted of dried apples, grapes, and cherries. Amazing- as always! I also added some honey on top!

For dinner I had a repeat of the night before. Cabbage with chili on top. It’s been quite the dinner! I love this combo SO much!

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DAY 26: A pumpkin petite treat!

Looking for a simple, healthy fall dessert? I love dessert during these cooler, cozy months, but sometimes it can seem tough to find healthy choices (or to pick them!)

This little dessert will have you MORE than satisfied, and is extremely healthy and lite!

1/4 cup canned heated pumkin with toasted coconut & slivered almonds on top, drizzled with honey. If you’re eating sugar, some brown sugar mixed in would be SO delicious as well!

I ate this Monday night for a Petite Treat!

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DAY 26: A really great simple dinner

Okay, ALL caught up! Now were at TODAY! Monday the 26th. The 26th day of the No Grains, No Cheese, and No Sugar Diet. I hope you’ve all had great luck, and have been okay with making exceptions when you’ve needed! Don’t ever be too hard on yourself. 1 day is better than nothing at all, and I’m sure you guys have done way more than that! ๐Ÿ™‚

This morning I had my usual pre-school breakfast when I’m in a hurry. It’s perfect! Look at that cute butt in the background ๐Ÿ˜‰

At school I snacked on a Lemon LARABAR

When I got home I had Quinoa with roasted veggies and HOT salsa! It was soo good! I’m loving Quinoa! It REALLY keeps me full!

After lunch I picked up Griffin from school to take him to his Doctors Apt. He doesn’t know this, but I caught him playin’ with the toddler toys ๐Ÿ˜‰

For dinner my Mom made this INCREDIBLE meal! It looks SO simple, and it is, but it is SO good! It’s very THINLY shredded cabbage with chili & onions on top. The texture and combination is great! It reminded me of eating the inside of a really good Taco Bell Taco… Just much healthier. Now I secretly love those… so hopefully you do too ๐Ÿ˜‰

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DAY 25: I bought a Toyota Prius!

On Sunday morning I woke up in Rancho Santa Margarita at my friend Zacks house. Before leaving to go home we got breakfast at a VERY cute little place down the street from his house calledย Cinnamon Productions.

I ordered a veggie scramble, no cheese, no bread, with a side of fruit. I had to be good for you guys at breakfast, because of my (DELICIOUS- sorry, I’m mean… I know…) ice cream the night before. Gotta just pick your feet back up from where you left off! Don’t keep em’ draggin’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

When I got home I got to watch my sweet Chloe girl. Ah how I love her!

We went on another long walk, but this time she walked by her little feeties instead of by stroller. She LOVED it and I got SO many pictures, but I don’t want to blow up this post with pictures because there would be about 50 if I could put all my favorites.

After leaving Chloe I snacked on this LARABAR as I went to meet my Mom in Oxnard at the car dealerships. We wanted to TEST DRIVE a Prius, because I had seen so many on the way home, and really got to thinkin! I drove through the LA smog and REALLLLY got to thinking.

About 5 hours later, I was ringing this bell. This is the bell you ring when you PURCHASE A TOYOTA CAR! I BOUGHT THE PRIUS! I traded my car in for the same amount that I paid for it, and got a great interest rate, and LOW payments that I can totally afford.

This is now my current obsession. I’ve traded in my shopping habits to have this little love named Leila. I LOVE MY PRIUS! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyone else have one?! I feel like such a nerd! Food blogger, full time student taking all science classes, and a food blogger! Wow, I LOVE IT! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Total Daily Eats:

Veggies Scramble & Fruit, Coffee, Blueberry LARA, Pluot, Kiwi, Quinoa w. Salsa, Chicken & Roasted Veggies

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DAY 24: Sometimes some freebies are just necessary

To start off Saturday, I went to my cousin Jamies babyshower. It was so beautiful getting to see her joy and love for her little Bella on the way!

This is me & my cousin Haley being totally us ๐Ÿ˜‰

Look how cute and special everything was set up!

The food was beautiful, and soo good!

The only problem is that I let everyone go first and I got nibbles of food on my plate. I didn’t even finish that potato salad because I’m one who feels like potato salad needs to go with something else, not just alone. Haha, can anyone relate? Or am I just special? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Jamie & Bella!

After the baby shower I got in the car and began my little journey to LA, to meet my friend Zack for the LA County fair. Before I left I grabbed a Coffee Bean NSA Vanilla Latte. Mmm this was SO good! I love when that happens! (The Lara Bars were just for the car- never ate them)

Except for this one. I had this Apple Pie LARA with my Coffee. Mmm mmm good!

When we got to the fair Zack decided the fair was all about eating the food too, so he grabbed the biggest turkey leg I’ve ever seen!

After devouring about the turkeyย legย baby we went on a ride. It was so fun, but felt so dangerous! You know what I mean? You’re at the top hanging upside down thinking “awesome… someone put this together with a few bolts and screw in about 3 days…” Haha!

Yes, we did this. The whole thing spun fast, and each individual arm spun at the same time. It was crazy! But very fun!

Me… Zack… and my ICE CREAM CONE! HE MADE ME DO IT! Haha, this was only the second time we hungout, and I did not want to be that “annoying person” who is like “no, sorry… I can’t eat that… can’t eat that… nope, I’m on a diet… nope, not that one either…” You all get the gist. So, we got dessert. It was either that or I had to eat a 10 lb brick of chili fries- EW! BTW… This was SO good with sprinkles! Haha

Total Daily Food:

Coffee, 1/2 Blueberry LARA, a little food from the shower, NSA Vanilla Latte, Apple Pie LARA, Ice Cream cone with sprinkles

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