DAY 2: Guidelines to a perfect, healthy Omelet

Good morning everyone! Hope you’re all having a great day so far. I am busy studying, but taking a break in between to blog. Blogging is like my little escape/piece of freedom 😉

Here is my breakfast!


I’m going to show you step-by-step, how to make a delicious omelet (someone tell me the correct spelling! I always see it as “omelet” and “omelette”. It’s even different through restaurant menu’s!)


Get out a small pan for your veggies, put about 1 tbsp. olive oil and one clove minced garlic over MED heat


Chop all the veggies that you want, and put them in the pan once the olive oil is WARM (do no let it smoke)


Grab your fresh spinach…. and if you prefer (like I do) chop it into smaller pieces


Add this to your pan w/ veggies and let that sit


Get out 4 eggs. Use 1 whole egg, and 3 egg whites. Whisk them together.


In a medium pan, coat the bottom with a layer of real butter (this is the trick to pretty eggs). Don’t freak, this is probably less than 1 tsp. It’s a THIN layer


Pour the eggs that you have whisked together into the pan


Once your egg can move around (the top is still ‘jiggly’), it’s time to flip!


Flip your eggs, and with the heat just below medium, add your veggies onto the egg and fold it over.


Next, slide the pretty lil’ thing into a plate and add slice avocado all over the top (don’t forget your sea-salt & pepper, too)


Look how perfect that is!

The avocados are fresh from the Farmers Market, and absolutely delicious!


The veggies tastes soo soft and good. Cooked just right!


This was an outstanding breakfast, and I am SO satisfied! I swear, this doesn’t feel like a diet at all! I feel like I am eating EVEN better! 🙂

Today is DAY 2 of the No Grains, No Sugar, and No Cheese Diet, and I am absolutely loving it! I feel so great, and so littttttttttttttttte! (WOAH! My ‘t’ key got stuck, but it fits so I’m going to leave it, haha!) I hope you guys are enjoying the diet as well! DO NOT let it get boring! Look things up online, find inspirational food photos, make NEW things, try taking this time to LEARN all about healthy, fun cooking!)

Have a great day everyone, I’ll be back the next time I eat & need a studying break! Happy Day 🙂



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2 responses to “DAY 2: Guidelines to a perfect, healthy Omelet

  1. My mom actually told me about the “real” butter trick for making eggs. I was always using light margerine and wondering why my eggs would stick. Your breakfast looks phenominal btw, I think I’ll put it on my list of things to make this week.

  2. Yes, you totally should! It was sooo good! And isn’t that just the best trick? My mom taught me too 🙂


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