DAY 5: Healthy dinner & a petite treat!

Okay, now for yesterday’s dinner. My oh my was it good! Kayla and I went to Lassen’s (health food store- similar to Whole Foods) and used a 50% off coupon to get this dinner. So happy we did!

The combination of all the flavors was so perfect! So refreshing and perfectly filling!

We also added a lentil soup to the mix, because last night was a chilly night, and soup just sounded perfect. So did a fire! We sat by the fire to eat our dinner 🙂

This is the lentil soup. I have to say: It was very good, but I won’t have it again because this morning I felt like a swollen balloon! There was like 850mg of sodium in one serving of this soup. I’m not a salt fan as of today. I have been like anti-salt all day now.

Okay, for the Lassen’s picks: first thing, Beet Salad with carrots & onions. SO good, and I now LOVE beets! Do you guys like them? They are sooo good for you for soo many reasons!

Second choice, Chicken Masala. Amazing! The sauce was to die for. I’m sure this added to my sodium consumption as well…

Third choice, a refreshing lemon herb tofu salad. This was also fantastic! They also had a thai peanut tofu salad that I am dying to try! Can’t wait to get more of there food!

Now, after dinner, we made the banana ice cream I told you guys I was going to make (instead of going to frozen yogurt)

Petite Treats

Inside: homogenized frozen banana (made to puree) & sunflower butter

On top: toasted slivered almonds and organic, unsweetened coconut (I picked some up while at Lassen’s)

These were SO good, and so refresing! So lite, and so satisfying! I will definitely be making this again!

We had a ton of fun with the juicer last night, we even made cashew butter and snacked on some of that. We also split half of a Lemon Lara Bar because my Mom left half in the fridge and we wanted to try it. Trying new things is so fun 🙂


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