DAY 6: Sometimes failure comes before success!

Okay, now for today so far! I am excited to share with you! 🙂

This morning Kayla & I woke up at 7am and went downstairs to start our coffee. We had our traditional ‘coffee talk’ for about 1.5 hours. That’s the best! One of our favorite things about hanging out. We are coffee drinkers & big talkers! Haha

After our coffee talk, we attempted to make these baked eggs. We put them in the big oven instead of the small conventional over, and lets just say they didn’t get done enough, and we didn’t have time to let them finish. Sad to say that they didn’t get eaten! Just couldn’t do the partially cooked… Nuh-uh!

Instead, we had sliced green apples and sunflower butter before I had to run out the door to class. This was great, and super fresh/satisfying. The perfect little breakfast in a hurry. Sometimes failure comes before success 😉

When I came home, I threw this together. It was soo good!

What is it? Let me tell you..

Half a baked bell pepper flattened out, 1/4 cup turkey breast (canned), 1 tbsp. hummus, 1 tsp. mustard, and the leftover veggies from the attempted breakfast (not the ones that had egg on top, but the leftover in the pan- I just re-heated them). This was soo good, and so low-cal/healthy!

Now, I am off to the gym before I work so I can have a full night to study! Want to get all my plans out of the way 🙂

I hope you guys have a fabulous day until this evening! Stay healthy 😉



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2 responses to “DAY 6: Sometimes failure comes before success!

  1. Is the “topping” on top of the bell pepper almost like a “turkey salad”? Ha, I don’t know exactly how to ask what I’m asking.. Is the hummus, mustard and canned turkey breast all mixed together and then the veggies on top? I want to try this for dinner tomorrow night!


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