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Day 8: What is your hardest day of the week?

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great day! Thursday’s always seem the hardest for me. For some reason, they’re usually the only stressful day of my week. I think it’s because I start thinking about the weekend and all the studying I have to fit into my plans. I’m really not sure… but that’s just how it is.

To help with the stress today I went to the gym, and I went OUT and studied, instead of staying at home. I went to Coffee Bean and got a warm creamy, no sugar added Vanilla Latte, and relaxed and studied for a couple hours. I can’t even tell you how much that helped!

After that, I went to the gym and worked about for an hour, that felt so great too! When I got home, my TOM’s were waiting for me on the table! To say the least, the day got a lot better! 😉

After work today I came home and snacked on fruit.

I ate the other halves of my breakfast fruit + this nectarine. There was about 1 cup of fruit left (maybe), so it made a perfectly small fruit salad. The nectarine was just perfectly ripe, so I added that too 🙂

About an hour later I snacked on about 1/2 cup of sliced persian cucumbers with rice vinegar. This is practically a 0* calorie snack, and SUPER yummy! I just had a little bit of what my Mom made. She’s still going strong! 🙂

At about 6 is when I went to Coffee Bean & got my Latte, 8 is when I went to the gym, and about 9:30 is when I had my dinner.

One can of vegetarian chili! Only .5 gram of fat and totally delicious! I diced some onions and put those on top too for extra crunch/flavor

I have actually been craving chili the past 3 days, but it has been way too hot! Since tonight was MUCH cooler, I decided to go for it!

Day 8 complete and feeling absolutely great! I feel so light, so clean, and so healthy. I never get that uncomfortable full feeling, and food just always feels so fresh. I am loving this diet just as much as I did last time, if not even more! I am also weighing my food this time, so that I can learn about portion sizes. It has been really good for me 🙂

By the way… what is your hardest day of the week?

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DAY 8: Food + 3 tips to save you calories!

Good morning world! Hope you all slept well, and are off to a great morning! I know I am 🙂 I woke up, studied, got my laundry done, packed my lunch, and ate breakfast. Now I am ready for school from 10:30-3:00!

Last night, I went to the gym for just over an hour, and got a great workout! When I came home, I ate this little bit of cottage cheese, and made 3/4 cup of warm milk with less than 1 tsp. of honey.

I wanted something to give me protein, be low in sugar, and coat my tummy so I wouldn’t go to bed hungry. I cannot sleep when I am hungry! I slept soo good last night, and felt so rested when I woke up.

This morning, after having coffee & being up for about 2 hours, I ate this banana nut bread LARABAR. It was pretty good! The first half, I thought: wow! This tastes JUST like banana bread! Towards the end it got boring. This is definitely a bar that I will just be eating half of as a snack, but I would definitely buy it again. (It’s cut because my mom wanted to try part of it)

About an hour later, I made this yogurt and fruit bowl. It has a little over 1/2 cup non-fat, plain Greek Yogurt, 1/2 banana, 1/2 apple pear, and 1/2 cup green grapes all chopped up. It also has about 1 tbsp. of flaxseed meal (maybe a little less)

It was so good, and so refreshing! I love having Greek Yogurt in the morning because it makes me LESS HUNGRY for the rest of the day. That’s what I did yesterday and my appetite was small, but I had a TON of energy to go-go-go all day.

To take to school to day I packed 1 serving of Cashews, and 1 serving of carrots. I have been weighing everything because it has really helped me learn about portion sized, and which foods have more for your buck calorie. It’s actually very helpful! 🙂

I wanted to give you guys just a couple tips today about how to NOT eat when you are NOT hungry. You may be tired, bored, stressed, or sad… or maybe the food is just really good and you don’t want to stop, even though you are plenty full. Let me share some tips on how I avoid this.

1) Change the taste in your mouth

If you are eating something, that is just oh-so-good and you just CAN’T stop eating it,change the taste in your mouth! You will often find that once you switch tastes, it doesn’t seem like you need that oh-so-good food anymore. I KNOW that sometimes when you’re eating that super yummy burrito it can be hard to set it down and leave some on your plate, or put it away for leftovers. My best suggestion for this scenario is to set that food down, and take a bite of something else. It will make it easier to leave behind or put away!

2) Change your scenery

Lets use me for example: sometimes, when I am at home studying, I get “snacky.” I tend to get the ‘being in the house too long syndrome,’ and want to migrate over to the kitchen and distract myself with food. Let’s face it, while you’re eating, food is pretty darn fun. It’s that time after you just ate a totally pointless snack, ate too much, or ate the wrong thing when it’s not so fun. The truth is, we would probably be MUCH happier if we gained some control, instead of reaching for the food. My tip for this scenario, is to change the scenery! Get out of the house and take your books to the nearest coffee shop, or park. Whatever place you enjoy the most, where you can still focus on your studies (or whatever else you’re doing). Ideas would be, go walk around downtown, go get coffee, take the dog for a walk, head to the gym, call up a friend and walk around your neighborhood, go shopping! Whatever you like to do, just get out of the house for a while.

3) You can have it in the morning!

Tip number 3! If you’re a snacky night-time eater, like many of us are, one great way to kick the habit is to tell yourself you can have it in the morning! Chances are, the majority of the time, at 10pm you’re not really hungry, you’re just feeling the urge to eat because something sounds really good and comforting. Or you’re watching your favorite movie and a snack would just be the cherry on top! Well, the truth is, you’d probably feel better in the morning if you avoid that late night sweet/salty snack. My advice for this, is to tell yourself if you still want that snack in the morning, you can 100% still have it. On MOST occasions, you will wake up wondering why you were even craving that, because it won’t sound good at all anymore. You just saved yourself a lot of calories! If you wake up and still want it, then 100%, yes, make it for yourself!

How do you like these tips? Do you have anymore you’d like to add?

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