DAY 14: My blisters are better! Back to the gym!

Good morning world! How did you all sleep last night? Hopefully great! I know I did. I didn’t have any time to get online last night and post. I went to school yesterday to study at 6:45am after dropping my Mom off. It was all for extra studying. Class didn’t start until 11:30. After studying a few hours at school I went home, wrote a 7 pg essay, and then went back to school. Crazy how my brain just starts going when I get in the mood!

Anyways, for breakfast yesterday I had this probiotic smoothie. I love these because they’re great for on-the-go, and they really satisfy me and get my brain going. They’re great!

When I came home to write my essay, I snacked on this white nectarine and…

…these sliced bell peppers with hummus. This was such a good, filling snack and it felt so healthy! 🙂

Before I went back to school, I packed this lunch. One peanut butter LARABAR and one sliced green apple. Together, these taste like caramel apples! They’re soo good! I know I have told you guys once before, but my mom is just SOO good and making combinations of random food. This is one of them!

For dinner I had this egg white omelet with spinach, onions, bacon, and lots of fresh salsa. I love this meal beacause it has so much protein, so many nutrients, fiber, and its UNDER 100 calories. Can you believe that? See what skipping the cheese does?

A couple hours after dinner I had cottage cheese & pineapple before I went to the gym at about 9pm last night. It was the first chance I got all day, plus, I really like ending my day with something as good for me as the gym. I find it very relaxing. It’s like wrapping the day up.

This was also the first day that I was able to hit the gym because I have had those blisters on my feet from the wedding! Remember me telling you? Well, I am happy to announce that they are gone! Well, they still look like little soft scabs, but I can’t feel them at all, so for that I am so happy!

Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful day! It’s my Dads Birthday today, so I’ll have pictures of the celebration to come later on! Be filled with love today ♥



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2 responses to “DAY 14: My blisters are better! Back to the gym!

  1. Julie

    I’ve been doing this challenge for the past two weeks and I feel GREAT. It’s my second time I do it, since last summer I’ve been diagnosed with both gluten and lactose intolerances, and since gluten free products are not really present in France yet ( where I spent last summer ), I basically followed this diet. I dropped 15lbs in a month. Not that its what I wanted but it was a lot !
    So this time I wanted to realize how down the calories intake would actually go so I’ve been tracking my meals on I work out everyday and Im pretty active ( I live in NY ) so my net calories are under 1000 calories/day ! Even though I feel great, clean, light and relaxed, Im pretty worried about the post-challenge reactions.
    I had two of what they call ” carb crashes ” since I started. Did you ever experienced one of this ? Also, don’t you feel weak at all ? I know you;’re really happy about this life style but I was wondering if you actually don’t meet any side effects at all?
    The less I eat grains the less I eat in general but I try to balance my portions to keep it doable, even if I don’t always want to finish my plate. Your portions are so little ! It’s not about eating less, its about eating better, right ?
    Anyway, your blog is a good portion of daily inspiration that’s for sure 😉

    • Well, that extra weight dropped always seems to be a plus right? Great job on following through with the challenge! I’m glad you’re feeling so great!

      I have actually been recording everything that I’ve eaten through this journey because I did last time, and it’s been great to be able to share with people. I also have been tracking my portions and my calorie intake because I want to know what’s going on with my body, and relate it to how I feel. I actually have not experienced weakness or a “carb crash.” In fact, I feel MORE energized on this diet. My net calories are also under 1000 on the days that I exercise, but I haven’t been worried about it because I’ve been feeling great. I don’t add up my calories until night because I don’t want to focus on the number- I want to really listen to my body. I don’t like when something tells me “You have 200 calories left today.” You know what I mean? I just like to know about how much I’m taking in at each meal, then eat what I feel like my body needs, and then add it up at the end of the day so I can keep track for the big picture. I hope that makes sense!

      Let me know more about those carb crashes! I’m not sure I know exactly what they are… but I don’t think I have experienced that… The only time I get tired is near my period… but that would happen regardless.. For the most part I have a lot of energy! (I do eat a lot of fruit throughout the day and the occasional potatoes- so I’m still getting carbs, just not grains)


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