DAY 17: I’m a crazy cardio lady today!

Good evening everyone! Again, another late post! I was going to post after the gym… but I got SO CAUGHT up in All My Children with my Mom that I couldn’t get off the couch! Haha, it’s a Mommy/Daughter tradition. My mom watched it with her Mom, and now I watch it with my Mom… I hope they don’t cancel….

Okay, so to start off my day, I totally woke up late for my babysitting job! I was supposed to be there at 6:45, and I didn’t even wake up until 7:15! I dropped my phone in my sleep, and it turned off so I had NO ALARM! I literally jumped out of bed, into my shoes, and into my car. Was there within 10 minutes of waking up. I felt terrible! Luckily I sit for the most gracious people!

For breakfast I had a Blueberry LARABAR, which was outstanding! As a snack later on, I had a small banana, a small apple, and a light yogurt.

For lunch, I came home to a huge, amazing salad my Mom had made for herself, my Dad, and I. It was SO good!

It had TONS of stuff. My favorite! Tomatoes, bacon, kidney beans, olives, turkey, everything good. It was so good! Thank you my Sweet Mama!

Later on as a snack (in between cleaning all day) I had some of my Peeled Snacks!

This one had pineapple, banana, and mango! I loved all of them! You have to really like banana’s to like the banana- because they taste very ripe, but I personally liked them. I don’t like any other dried banana, but this one was good! Give it a try for yourself 🙂

A little while later, before the gym, I had a small serving of greek yogurt and honey. I don’t know what was with me today, but they gym just felt sooo good! I stayed for 2 hours… I don’t EVER do that, because I never have time! I burned 1,250 calories in cardio, and I how relaxing it was to be working out! The rest of the time I did pushups, situps, leg exercises, and stretching. It felt sooo good, and I hope I can do it again tomorrow!

For dinner my Mom made us a Boca patty with chili, cottage cheese, and tomato slices. This was SUCH a good combination! It’s one of those combos that you’re not sure sounds good until you take your first bite and it is just off the wall. I LOVED this, and it was PACKED with protein! Perfect for after the gym 😉

And while we caught up a little (27 episodes still left on the DVR) these snuggle bugs cozied up to us. Here is my nephew Dougie-Fresh!

And here is my baby boy! He was sleeping on my chest for a while, until he woke up from all my SOAP Opera excitement- haha!

Oh, and I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture- totally forgot! But as a Petite Treat tonight I had 1/2 a Coconut LARABAR! Those are my absolute FAVORITE. I decided tonight!

I hope you guys have a wonderful night! Let me know if you try, or have tried peeled fruit! If I get responses maybe we can do a give-away! It would be awesome to share!


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