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DAY 20: This is how I relax.. such a nice day!

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you’re all having beautiful days! I am having suuch a great day today! My parents and brother left early this morning to take Chase (my brother) to the airport, so I woke up at 5:40 so that I could have an entire morning of just relaxation! School didn’t start until 10:30 today, so I knew I wanted to take advantage of this alone time. I am SO glad that I did.

Look how peaceful this looks… it really was this nice! My room was dark, I had one small light on and a candle, my warm cup of coffee, and my fuzzy slippers on, along with my PJ’s. Couldn’t have been more comfortable if I tried. I read my bible & devotional for a little while, read through old journal entries, and wrote in my journal. It was soo relaxing and nice. After a while of that, I caught up on my blog posts, which is always fun for me, especially when I have time.

For breakfast I had non-fat greek yogurt with 1/2 a chopped banana (cut into smaller pieces and you’ll find that you need less banana), and 1 small chopped orange. I also had about 1/2 tbsp. of honey on the yogurt.

This was so great and refreshing.

Look how pretty it was out in the backyard this morning… I love these bright colors, too! Did you know that Orange is supposed to make you happy? 🙂 One time, my best friend was sad and I took her an orange with a smiley face on it and stayed with her a while and she was so happy! Try that with one of your friends- little things like that mean so much to people.

After school I came home and ate this cottage cheese and pineapples. This always sounds good to me when I’m looking in the fridge for something to eat! Never fails.

Now, I am relaxing in my room, going to re-do some Physiology notes, light my candles, and get cozy in my PJ’s before I go pick up Griffin. Until later, have a great day, and RELAX! Trust me- it’s the best feeling!

And to all of you who are doing the challenge, it’s DAY 20! I hope you’re all feeling as great as I am! What is one thing that you miss? For me, it would be Oatmeal 🙂

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DAY 19: Aced my first 2 tests! Woohoo!

Okay, now for the Monday post! Well, yesterday was totally great, because as I wrote in my last post, I got A’s on my two Anatomy Exams! Yesterday was just so productive and good. After class I went and did all my Physiology homework for a few hours, so that I could be ahead and have it out of the way. That totally paid off because now I am having a super relaxing Tuesday morning, and enjoying doing what ever I want without studying or anything (I truly have nothing to do, nothing to study, nothing to even think about). It’s so nice! I’m taking full advantage!

Yesterday morning on my way to school I drank a probiotic smoothie and took a Coconut LARA to school. I had the drink at 7 and the bar at 10

Around 12 I got a coffee at Coffee Bean and spent 3 hours there doing homework.

At 2 I started getting really hungry so I grabbed a yogurt w/ honey. These little containers are perfect! They give you more than enough honey (I never use more than half) so if you really like your honey- YOU’RE SET!

After studying I picked up Griffin and came to my house to work on homework with him and all that good stuff. While doing that, I snacked on some peeled fruit. My mom came and stole some from me too, because it is SO good! Yesterday she goes “Paige, that really is VERY good, and I love that it’s Organic!” So, I’m here to tell you guys, it truly is the best dried fruit that I’ve ever had. I don’t want anyone to think I’m saying this because it’s a review, I’ll always give my honest opinion (that’s a promise). This stuff truly is AWESOME! If you’ve tried it you know what I’m talking about.

For dinner my Mom and I made vegetarian taco salad. It had spring mix, peppers, olives, beans, soyrizo, fresh salsa, and chopped onions. Oh, and the spring mix was tossed in 1 tbsp. of homemade Ranch dressing. It was so good, and so filling/satisfying. I was craving a real meal last night, because as you all know during this diet I eat lots of small things throughout the day- this is actually my favorite way to eat, but I do need meals sometimes.

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DAY 18: Sunday Funday

Goodmorning, and happy Tuesday! I know, I haven’t posted in two days! Bad girl… but this morning is such a good morning, I feel so rested, so relaxed, and so ahead in all aspects of my life! So heres to accomplishments and good feelings!

Now, for Sunday… Sunday was a great day! I woke up, went to Church, went shopping, hit the gym, and met friends for coffee to study for my 2 Monday tests in Anatomy that I got A’s on! Woohoo! Almost 99% on one, and I haven’t gotten the exact score of the other yet! So happy 🙂

Sunday morning before church I had my usual to-go probiotic smoothie

After church I went to blenders with my mom and we split an Acai Blender smoothie. SO good!

After Blenders we went shopping and I found GREAT buys at Nordi’s Rack!

I got sandals, Seven Jeans, a cute, simple white tank, and “The Belt” from Joe’s Jeans (love this belt!)

This is just a simple belt, but the color is perfect, it’s soft, and it fits on the hips or the waist. This is going to get lots of use. Thanks Joe’s 😉

Second, I got some sandals that I’ve had my eye on for a while! They have these same ones from Urban Outfitters, but I’m not sure if they have this color? Anyways, I love this color, and they’re super comfortable!

My jeans look blackish/grayish in the picture, but they’re actually dark blue, and they fit PERFECT! I’ll show y’all a picture later. I’ve already worn them twice- I can’t get enough. They feel sooo good!

My tank is just cute, scrunchy and simple! I’ve got lots of ideas for this one! Nordi’s Rack gets 25 A++’s. It never fails me, I always get the best deals, and the best quality. In fact, I should probably stay away 😉

After shopping I came home and had an egg white omelet with spinach, bacon, and onions. This has been a go-to food for me lately because it’s SO good, so filling, packed with protein, and only has 90 calories! And, you get to pack fresh, homemade salsa on top!

After my omelet I went to a coffee shop and studied with my two girlfriends for a couple hours. We got tons accomplished! Hi Emma & Vanessa!

After the study session I went to the gym for just over an hour, and then came home starving, and grabbed this peach

For dinner I had a small baked potato, with broccoli, non-fat plain frozen yogurt, and 1 tbsp. of bacon bits. Honestly, this would have been so much better without the bacon bits. They were way too salty. You guys know I haven’t been salting anything for about 2 weeks now and I feel SO much better from that. I don’t get that annoying swollen feeling anymore. So, with that being said, skip the bacon bits- they’re un-necessary.

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