DAY 25: I bought a Toyota Prius!

On Sunday morning I woke up in Rancho Santa Margarita at my friend Zacks house. Before leaving to go home we got breakfast at a VERY cute little place down the street from his house called Cinnamon Productions.

I ordered a veggie scramble, no cheese, no bread, with a side of fruit. I had to be good for you guys at breakfast, because of my (DELICIOUS- sorry, I’m mean… I know…) ice cream the night before. Gotta just pick your feet back up from where you left off! Don’t keep em’ draggin’ 😉

When I got home I got to watch my sweet Chloe girl. Ah how I love her!

We went on another long walk, but this time she walked by her little feeties instead of by stroller. She LOVED it and I got SO many pictures, but I don’t want to blow up this post with pictures because there would be about 50 if I could put all my favorites.

After leaving Chloe I snacked on this LARABAR as I went to meet my Mom in Oxnard at the car dealerships. We wanted to TEST DRIVE a Prius, because I had seen so many on the way home, and really got to thinkin! I drove through the LA smog and REALLLLY got to thinking.

About 5 hours later, I was ringing this bell. This is the bell you ring when you PURCHASE A TOYOTA CAR! I BOUGHT THE PRIUS! I traded my car in for the same amount that I paid for it, and got a great interest rate, and LOW payments that I can totally afford.

This is now my current obsession. I’ve traded in my shopping habits to have this little love named Leila. I LOVE MY PRIUS! 🙂

Anyone else have one?! I feel like such a nerd! Food blogger, full time student taking all science classes, and a food blogger! Wow, I LOVE IT! 😉

Total Daily Eats:

Veggies Scramble & Fruit, Coffee, Blueberry LARA, Pluot, Kiwi, Quinoa w. Salsa, Chicken & Roasted Veggies


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