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Apple Nacho’s? No way!

So… you want nacho’s! They’re fun to eat, yummy, and simple! Here’s how to make them much more nutritious! You’re going to love it!

Here’s a way, that’s pretty popular in the food blog world, that will be even tastier, healthier, and make you feel more satisfied and treated! What more could you ask for?!

Apple Nacho’s! Thanks to Kelsey for recommending me to this link, on my facebook page (speaking of, if you haven’t yet, go like my fan page! You will get a little pop up in your newsfeed from HHTS whenever I post something. Super convenient & short so it’s helpful rather than an annoyance!) 🙂

I twisted the recipe just a little bit for my nachos, because I wanted to use what I had in my fridge! You can do the same. These nacho’s are simply- incredible! 🙂

I used one apple, a few chocolate chips, peanut butter, coconut, and walnuts. The coconut is a MUST. Seriously- that was my favorite part! Oddly, I could have skipped the peanut butter!

The PB was good, but I had such a hard time getting it runny anyways that I would have just rather skipped it! Haha, I think it’s because it was at the end of the jar, and it was organic natural peanut butter, so it isn’t as soft as all the others.

Have you ever made apple nachos? How do you get your peanut butter to be runny?



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So you wanna eat tofu? Here’s some ideas!

So, tofu is a food that’s often talked about in the health world… but how do you eat it? Well, here are just a few ideas! I have been eating tons this week- I love it!


For breakfast!

Eggs with veggies & tofu!

I sautéed some kale & frozen bell peppers in olive oil for a few minutes, then added in bite size cubes of tofu and let them brown a little (just barely golden on the edges)

Then, I whisked 2 eggs in a bowl, and poured them in the pan and let them cook a few more minutes over low heat, until the eggs were fully cooked. I added rosemary on top, and vuala! Breakfast!


For breakfast again! Just with a little twist this time

This time, I took the same breakfast mix (minus the kale- we were out) and put it inside of 3 corn tortillas.

Healthy breakfast tacos!

And of course, you know me! I added Pepper Plant right on top! Sooo good! I loved this breakfast!


For lunch, as a side!

Today, I had tofu with my lunch. It was just the right amount of food. To cook my tofu, I took some special rosemary-garlic marinade we had in the fridge, and threw about 1 tbsp. into a saucepan with my tofu. Again, I just cooked the tofu until it was golden brown.

I had Country Grain Salad from Trader Joes… simply AMAZING

Seriously- If you have not tried this. Please try it! You will not be disappointed! I but it sooo often now!

I also really like beets, so I had just a few on the side (just a few is good- too many is overwhelming)

I think Trader Joes has a pretty good little beet salad 🙂

You can pretty much cook tofu in whatever you want it to taste like! Get creative!

How do you do tofu?

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Just a little sweet inspiration

Ahh… Now for the most amazing weekend! The Reality Women’s Retreat!

While I was there, my Mom bought me a new ring! Mine had fallen off because it got a little too big. Who knew I wouldn’t hear my ring when it fell off? Sad, but thankful I have another now.

The flowers and tree around the cabins were so beautiful. The perfect setting!

When we got to our rooms, we had these cute little gifts waiting for us! They had chocolate kisses & ear plugs. I used the ear plugs every night and slept like a baby!

Also, the center pieces on the table! SO cute! I want to make something like this for my room!

I didn’t get a chance to photograph all the food, but we ate 3 times a day. I always ate a lot of salad, didn’t always eat the sweets- but enjoyed them when I did, and I also dranks lots of coffee.

I definitely should have had more water than coffee, but thanks to my tastebuds, I didn’t. Hello headache! Whoops!

I was so blessed to be able to spend so much time with Kingston this weekend! Ah! He’s my little cousin nephew. I love him sooo much!

Here was one of the desserts we got to enjoy!

Cream puffs! That was my plate.

JUST kidding!

I did enjoy my one little cream puff though. Seriously- yum!

This was the theme of the retreat this weekend. So sweet! I seriously was filled with so much love, joy, and peace this weekend.

I came home feeling so at rest. That’s just how we should feel with the Lord in our hearts.

Here is me and my sweet Mama. Ahh… I love her! Thank you so much Mom for providing my way to the retreat! I will never forget these special times with you. These are the things that last a lifetime!

Here was our Saturday breakfast. This is the first time I’ve had french toast in SO long. It was a great reminder! Especially with fruit on top- um, yum?!

Kingston & I again 🙂

Here is the room where we had our Sessions. Over 300 women!

And to end the post, here is a picture from our last breakfast! Me, Holly, Kingston, and Janna!

I hope you all enjoy the pictures! I truly had an incredible weekend. I feel so refreshed, and so thankful/happy to be exactly where I’m at in life.

Here are some things I learned/loved:

“The truest thing about you is that you are loved.”

“Jesus, is the reflection of OUR value.”

“A woman who has peace in any circumstance, is so beautiful.”

“God has created us to be good gifts to one another.”

“There is nothing under the sun that is new.” (There is nothing we go through, that someone else already hasn’t already gone through)

Question: “Do you want real wholeness? Or just the appearance of it?”

“God owns all the time, surely he will stretch it for you.”

“It’s the joy of the small that makes life large.”

“All things are temporary.”

“Empty yourselves, so that God may fill you.” (Let him bring new into your life everyday)

“He needs our knees more than our hands.”

“If we keep our eyes constantly on ourselves, things will always be hard.”

“Our responsibility is to respond.”

“Do not linger long at the canvas of other lives.” (In other words- God gave us each our own painted canvas [your life], don’t try to change his artwork. Each of our paintings are individual, unique, and special. Yours is for YOU. Don’t wish you had someone else’s)

“Do not question him; only praise him.”

“He is all about the process, not the progress.”

“Gods best is not a comparison. Love the life God has given YOU.”

“Once you’ve been saved, NEVER let it be a question whether you’re a Christian or not.”

“Be a witness to his grace.”

Wake up in the morning and think of what God has for you TODAY. Don’t think too far ahead. Just live day-to-day, and enjoy Him in all circumstances. There is much joy to be found in Him- He is the reason for my joy 🙂

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Am I feeling a cyber-break coming on?

Good evening! I got home from my retreat yesterday, and wanted to catch you up on my day!

I’ll update with picture from the retreat next!

This morning I had oatmeal with banana, pepita trail mix, coconut, and maple-agave syrup! Yums! Tasted SO good to have Oatmeal after a whole weekend without!

This morning, I was joking with my parents, telling them I was going on an “internet diet.” Yes, taking a break from the internet! Yes, I have been thinking about it, because sometimes it’s just good to focus on family, books, real-time life, being active, and set aside cyberspace for a little while.

I thought it was funny when I opened up my devotional soon after, to this. God? Haha, I literally started laughing out loud, and sent my aunt a text because He is just too funny sometimes! Have you guys ever had this kind of thing happen to you?

For lunch, I had a turkey sandwich, pickles, and kale

I cooked the kale in olive oil over medium heat for under 10 minutes. It makes it nice and crispy. I season it with garlic powder if I don’t have much time, otherwise I put real garlic into the mix. This time I used garlic powder. Yums!

For my sandwich I used ezekiel toast, a tiny mayo, turkey, tomatoes, and fresh basil from my seester & brothers garden. Click the link to see his company. Hehe, I am such a proud sister!

For dinner, I had cookies. What? Yes, you heard it right. I ate cookies for dinner. Haha, I was actually heating the water to make a yummy healthy pasta, and the cookie jar was hangin’ next to me… and I decided to betray the pasta and go for the cookies… The oatmeal-raisin goodness just sounded amazing. Bye-bye brown rice pasta! Maybe another day 😉

Now, I am hanging out in my room, thinking/journaling about all the things I have to be thankful for… I have such special/loving friends. Today seriously proved that. I love you friends, with all my heart.

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Lunch & wine with Momma!

Good evening everyone!

This is actually an afternoon meal, and I don’t have a dinner to post!

Right now I’m snacking on apples and pb having some wine, watching Bridesmaids with my Momma!

Lunch was the rest of my tuna from a couple days ago, on sourdough bread, with crispy lettuce on top!

As you can see, this is how I ate it 🙂

And this is me enjoying my favorite wine! Sweet Red from Barefoot, totally cheap, and totally my favorite!

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Gym early in the morning!

Good morning everyone! Hope you slept great!

I woke up early this morning so I could get myself to the gym before my day started. This was what I had before. A mini Clif Bar, coffee, & of course, I took my water.

I loved going early because it’s all happy, older people, who arn’t creepy and all that (you know what I mean). I even did weights today! I never do weights at the gym. I know I should, but sometimes it’s just so dang awkward!

When I got home I made breakfast. I was craving ham & eggs

Such a strange craving for me. I never even eat ham. What’s with me? Musta been that workout 😉

I cook the ham in a pan with just a little pit of butter. It goes perfect with eggs that way

I had an open faced sandwich on Ezekiel Bread. I have fallen in love with this bread. I totally acquired a taste for it.

And of course, I had my morning coffee with breakfast too!

This is the snack I am taking to school today, since I’ll be there for a whole 5 hours. Woohoo! Instead of “lunch” today, I’ll be eating little things (i.e. this, and probably another snack when I am home)

Have a beautiful day until I see you later!

I leave you with a question: Girls, do you do weights at the gym?


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Make your own healthy “ice-cream” dessert at home! SO EASY!

Here it is! An incredibly easy, healthy, and delicious Petite Treat!

All you need: a food processor & frozen bananas


I added in 1 tbsp. of Peanut Butter and 1 tsp. of honey at this point. That’s up to you!

Get it ALLLLLL out! Mmm mmm mmm!

ENJOY! You have yourself an insanely healthy bowl of ice cream. Guilt free, and FULL of flavor.

Now that’s what I call a petite treat! ♡

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