DAY 38: Some yummy eats!

I have had some good eats today! It’s time to share them with all of you!

This morning my sweet Mama made me breakfast as I was studying

We rarely have scrambled eggs, so this was a nice little change

Our favorite are over-medium

There is a little trick in this picture. It looks like I had two pieces of turkey sausage, but I really only had one. I actually did it to trick my own eyes. I took one piece and cut it right down the middle to make it feel like I was having two, without actually eating two pieces. Nice, right?

For lunch I decided to have some fruit and yogurt

My fruit of choice today was apples & figs

The figs actually didn’t have much flavor, so added some honey. This made them super yummy and I was still able to enjoy that great texture that they have

This was such a good lunch. I love dipping apples, figs into non-fat greek yogurt with honey. The combination never fails. It’s good with any fruit!

What is your favorite fruit to put with yogurt?


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