Eating more Kale for better skin!

Now, these pictures… make me MUCH happier! This is what my blog is about.

I realize now that I love taking the pictures just as much as I love the writting

What I’m going to do to create a balance is kind of let the pictures speak for themselves.

I feel like the pictures are the best part anyways. Saves time for both parties! 😉

Anyways, this was my lunch. Absolutely delicious! These sundried tomatoes from Trader Joes are THE BEST! I think they’re new, so you all should go try them!

I also decided to start eating more Kale, as it is VERY good for your skin! Thanks to my cousin Haley who has told me from her own experience!

These opened faced sandwiches are perfect for lunch, and are made with Ezekiel toast, a little bit of pesto, marinated artichoke hearts (Costco), and delicious sun-dried tomatoes!

Such a filling, yet lite lunch! Go for it! It’s so yummy!


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