Don’t be afraid of the egg yolk!

Good morning world! I am up early, studying! I have a big test today, so wish me luck!

I woke up really hungry this morning because I ate dinner so early last night (4:30)

This fig butter is so good if you like figs!

Fig butter does not contain any butter. To be called a butter it has to have fruit > sugar

So, if you think about it, it’s healthier for you than Jelly/Jams

This morning I felt like eggs ‘n’ toast, so that’s just what I had 🙂

It was so good early in the morning. I had one piece of sprouted ezekiel bread with two eggs. Yes, the WHOLE egg. It’s so good for you!

My Naturopath told me to always eat the entire egg. Don’t skip the yolk thinking you’ll benefit. It has so many trace minerals that can’t be found in other foods. Don’t be afraid of the calories!

I know so many of us like to just have egg whites because they’re practically nothing, but I guarantee you that if you eat the yolk, you will be more satisfied and less hungry through the day. That will make up for it!

I also enjoyed my coffee & almond milk w/ a little bit of agave. Mmm! I love my new frother! It makes it just like a coffee shop. So treated! ♡


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