Make a no-mayo tuna sandwich for lunch!

About 2 hours after this mornings breakfast, I needed a little snack

Banana and peanut butter sounded just right!

I love love love this snack because it’s so satisfying and yummy!

Now doesn’t that just look appetizing? I’m getting hungry again just looking at it…

After my snack I went to school and took a Physiology test. I think I did great!

After the test I checked my grades and I have:

Anatomy: 94%

Physiology: 98%

Woohooo! That’s why I study so much- because it pays off!

For lunch I made a healthy tuna sandwich that was so good!

I used two pieces of ezekiel toast, and put tuna, lettuce, and relish in the middle

To make my tuna I used the food processor; in the processer:

-one can tuna, 1 tsp. pesto, one small handful kale, small handful sun dried tomatoes, about four artichoke hearts, and one small spoonful of the artichoke heart marinade (water, vinegar, oil).

Mix that all together and you have the perfect tuna salad without using mayo!

It was so good! I put a little bit of relish in the inside (or use pickles) because I love that extra flavor. The crispy lettuce just finishes the whole thing off! Plus, you’ll have half of the tuna salad leftover for later!


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