Gym early in the morning!

Good morning everyone! Hope you slept great!

I woke up early this morning so I could get myself to the gym before my day started. This was what I had before. A mini Clif Bar, coffee, & of course, I took my water.

I loved going early because it’s all happy, older people, who arn’t creepy and all that (you know what I mean). I even did weights today! I never do weights at the gym. I know I should, but sometimes it’s just so dang awkward!

When I got home I made breakfast. I was craving ham & eggs

Such a strange craving for me. I never even eat ham. What’s with me? Musta been that workout 😉

I cook the ham in a pan with just a little pit of butter. It goes perfect with eggs that way

I had an open faced sandwich on Ezekiel Bread. I have fallen in love with this bread. I totally acquired a taste for it.

And of course, I had my morning coffee with breakfast too!

This is the snack I am taking to school today, since I’ll be there for a whole 5 hours. Woohoo! Instead of “lunch” today, I’ll be eating little things (i.e. this, and probably another snack when I am home)

Have a beautiful day until I see you later!

I leave you with a question: Girls, do you do weights at the gym?



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4 responses to “Gym early in the morning!

  1. I do some light weight machine exercises at the gym, but I only do the weight machines and not free weights because those are still too awkward for me. :p

  2. Maggy Elsousou

    paigy i used to do weights @ LA fit hahaha who cares if all the boys are there, you need to build that muscle!!! 🙂


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