Am I feeling a cyber-break coming on?

Good evening! I got home from my retreat yesterday, and wanted to catch you up on my day!

I’ll update with picture from the retreat next!

This morning I had oatmeal with banana, pepita trail mix, coconut, and maple-agave syrup! Yums! Tasted SO good to have Oatmeal after a whole weekend without!

This morning, I was joking with my parents, telling them I was going on an “internet diet.” Yes, taking a break from the internet! Yes, I have been thinking about it, because sometimes it’s just good to focus on family, books, real-time life, being active, and set aside cyberspace for a little while.

I thought it was funny when I opened up my devotional soon after, to this. God? Haha, I literally started laughing out loud, and sent my aunt a text because He is just too funny sometimes! Have you guys ever had this kind of thing happen to you?

For lunch, I had a turkey sandwich, pickles, and kale

I cooked the kale in olive oil over medium heat for under 10 minutes. It makes it nice and crispy. I season it with garlic powder if I don’t have much time, otherwise I put real garlic into the mix. This time I used garlic powder. Yums!

For my sandwich I used ezekiel toast, a tiny mayo, turkey, tomatoes, and fresh basil from my seester & brothers garden. Click the link to see his company. Hehe, I am such a proud sister!

For dinner, I had cookies. What? Yes, you heard it right. I ate cookies for dinner. Haha, I was actually heating the water to make a yummy healthy pasta, and the cookie jar was hangin’ next to me… and I decided to betray the pasta and go for the cookies… The oatmeal-raisin goodness just sounded amazing. Bye-bye brown rice pasta! Maybe another day 😉

Now, I am hanging out in my room, thinking/journaling about all the things I have to be thankful for… I have such special/loving friends. Today seriously proved that. I love you friends, with all my heart.


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