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Pasta with yogurt? Yep!

Okay, so for lunch today I made pesto pasta, but with a little twist!

I added in Greek Yogurt! It was super yummy!

The reason I thought of this, I because my Mom used to make pasta with sour cream, taco seasoning, and hamburger meat (or taco meat). It was my favorite pasta- but not so healthy! Actually, I think soon I am going to try to make a healthier version of this, too!

Now, I have something similar, but soo much healthier!

Corn pasta (which is so good by the way- no corn taste!), with plain greek yogurt, pesto, sundried tomatoes, parmesan cheese, and pepper!

I know I always say I don’t use cheese- because I really do leave it off everything now- but Parmesan is an exception. It’s so lite, and gives such good flavor with so little, that it’s totally worth it to me 🙂

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Quick breakfast on the go

The perfect, quick, filling breakfast on the go..

This morning I was running out the door to schoool, and I needed something fast, but still wanted “real food.” I grabbed my little pan, threw some toast in the toaster, and spent about 5 minutes making this.

It was quick, easy, and satisfying!

Just one egg, a piece of gluten-free toast, and a banana! This is the perfect little pan an egg sandwich (and as you all know- I never eat the top piece of bread… what’s the point?)

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Dinner last night with Chloe and Momma

Last night, me & Chloe met my Mom for pizza! Momma bought me dinner 🙂

It was so cute… when my mom got there, Chloe jumped right down and ran over to her saying “Dottie, Dottie!” It made my Mom soo happy- it was totally adorable!

At Red Brick Pizza, I got a garden salad with Italian Dressing, and more gluten-free, cheese-free pizza!

It was sooo good! I’m seriously obsessed with this pizza now. It’s soo satisfying, but not filling. Now I know that sounds funny, like… “why would you want to eat a pizza that’s not filling?” I think it’s better to be satisfied than to be full. Being full is uncomfortable, and makes eating less enjoyable… But just being totally satisfied, not needing anything else, and still feeling like you could put your best pair of jeans on…! Now that’s my kind of pizza!

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A fluffy & chocolatey Petite Treat you will love ♥

And for another Petite Treat! I was just treating myself a ton today, wasn’t I? 🙂

This is one of my favorites now!

My Mom made this sugar-free, fat-free, chocolate pudding yesterday, and I just had to do something with it!

I made this little Petite Treat. So crazy simple, and sooo delicious!

All I did was layer whipped cream and chocolate putting into a little 4oz glass

On top, I sprinkle slivered almonds. I wanted to put rainbow sprinkles, but we didn’t have any in my house.. I guess the almonds are a healthier alternative anyway 😉

The Jello pudding is so simple to make, too. You’ll have a dessert to share in no time! 🙂

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The perfect dessert using the end of your jelly jar!

I have a Petite Treat idea for all of you!

Especially those of you who don’t know what to do with the end of your jelly jar! 😉

I was thinking about how so many bloggers to things like “Oats in a Jar” with the end of there peanut butter, and I decided to do something similar… but with my jam!

I took the end of by Blackberry Jam, and filled it 3/4 with non-fat, plain, greek yogurt

Then I topped the yogurt with a thin layer of honey

And lastly, I put a freshly sliced kiwi right on top! This was absolutely delicious!

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Breakfast today- I almost slipped!

Hello breakfast!

This morning for breakfast I had a piece of gluten-free toast, with scrambled eggs and the last of my cousins homemade jam from Humboldt

It was so good!

And, to treat myself during the holidays, we have store-bought coffee creamer in the house! Mmm mmm good! I love this pumpkin spice creamer! Has anyone tried it?

I was also craving sausage this morning, so I cooked up two vegan sausage patties before I thought… wait a minute… I better check the ingredients…

So, I looked up the ingredients online and tunrns out the first ingredient is “Wheat Gluten.” No sausage for me this morning! Oh well, at least those were the last two. I’ll leave them for someone else to enjoy! 😉

My breakfast was still just as tasty! And just so you know… I secretly love the jelly on my eggs.. same with syrup… do you? 😉

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How I order pizza when I go out

So, last night I went on a double-date with Kurt, and our friends Danielle & Marco!

We had a really good time, and it was so good to finally get together with the two of them! We have been trying to work that our for a while 🙂

(and of course… I didn’t take pictures of us! What’s with me lately?)

I did however take a picture of my pizza, after I ate half! Haha! I got a small (9 inch) pizza with Gluten-Free crust, and no cheese. I’m still a huge fan so far of getting cheese-less pizza. You guys have to try it! It feels so guilt free, yet tastes amazing!

This was the pizza I ordered^ with no cheese, and gluten-free crust. So satisfying. I ate the whole thing, and didn’t feel “stuffed” at all after! Now that’s how I like to feel after eating pizza!

After dinner, we went downtown Ventura to see a movie. The girls got to pick, and luckily, the guys liked the movie! Haha, we told them that we would see a different movie if they wanted, but they “do what they’re told.” Yeaaah right 😉

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