Do you like freeze dried fruit?

Good morning everyone! I hope you all slept great! I slept really good, but I’m still feeling a little under the weather this morning. I want to kick this cold- it’s just beginning, so maybe I still can!

Look at how stinkin’ cute Noah is… I cannot get over it! When I went to wake him up this morning he was lookin’ at me just like this… I love that little guy!

Haha, my Noahboo 🙂

This morning I made breakfast at home, even though I’m meeting friends for breakfast at Cafe Nouveau this morning.

I really feel picky this morning. You know when you’re sick and nothing sounds good at all? Yep! That’s me! To be honest, I think this is the FIRST time Cafe Nouveau hasn’t sounded good… this is weird…

I am just as excited to visit with everyone though! My friend Kelsey is home from College (I almost just spelled College with a K? Where is my brain?)

This morning for breakfast I had g-free cereal & a toast. I have pictures posted above of the brands. They are both from Trader Joes, of course!

I LOVE this bread. I like it more than the one I posted yesterday. I had it toasted this morning, and am not so sure what it would be like if it weren’t toasted… I’ll have to try that and let you all know… but toasted, this one passes for sure!

Look at my cute tea-cup! Of course, when you buy someone a tea-cup in this family, the majority of the time it is filled with coffee 😉 Although I do like my tea in the late afternoon/evening…

This cereal was super yummy! I used my unsweetened vanilly almond milk too. It’s my favorite!

Now for my lunch:

To school today I am taking greek yogurt.. Strangely, I haven’t had greek yogurt for a while!

I put non-fat, plain, greek yogurt in a container (that I already had- they’re perfect for saving) with honey & slivered almonds

I don’t like granola on my yogurt very much because I haven’t found a gluten-free granola that I like… has anyone else found one? For now, I just prefer nuts for the extra crunch

I also packed some freeze-dried mangos. Now, I know the freeze dried food is probably a little touchy for you all, because it IS for me… I don’t really like freeze dried fruit alone, but I DO like these mangos. You may or may not like them, but I say give them a try! The other freeze dried fruits I cannot just snack on… I have to put them in cereal or something (which is actually really yummy)

Okay friends, well, I will see you back here later today! For now, have a great day! I’ve got about 8 hours of school today! Woohoo 😉 Time to study!



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4 responses to “Do you like freeze dried fruit?

  1. Hey Girl, in regards to the gluten free granola. They have a delicious one that they sell at Lassen’s call Udi’s- It has a great flavor 🙂 Try it

  2. Noah is so adorable! He looks like a little mop (in the best way possible)! I’m sure you’ve mentioned this before, but how old is he? Our Zekey turns 3 this month…we’re just not sure on the exact date because we adopted him and records only say he was born in November.

    I also love the lighting in your photos! I have the hardest time finding natural lighting, especially with the time change. My dinners are always in the dark, so the lighting is just awful I’m almost ashamed to post dinner pictures anymore.

    Anyway, that’s all for now! Pardon the super lengthy comment. I just figured I should give a shout out because I have been reading your blog every day! ❤

    • Isn’t he soo cute?! Awe, Zekey is such a cute name! Thank you! My friend actually set my camera for me and I haven’t changed the setting haha! I don’t even know what he did- I need to learn more about my camera…. He made the lighting so it’s great everywhere! And yes, I have lots of natural lighting in my house so that definitely helps. Keep posting your pictures! Have you been using a lamp or anything to help? Thanks for being a loyal reader! I am too, to yours!


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