A new way to eat a LARABAR

And for lunch today, I ate gluten-free again! I felt like something fresh!

I was also really craving something peanut-buttery, so of course, peanut butter LARABAR was the perfect choice!

I cut up the peanut butter LARABAR into small slices, and ate them with a small apple

I love these two flavors together!

It reminds me of caramel apple!

I also had non-fat, plain, greek yogurt with honey and pepita trail-mix on top (just a little sprinkle)

This is what the LARABAR and apples look like going into my mouth 😉 Perfect!

Little Chloe hungout with me while I took pictures & ate lunch. She had yogurt & apples too!

But this little one also got to pick a fresh strawberry off the plant in the backyard!

She’s so cute, she will pick tomatoes off the plants and eat them too! Just like candy!


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