Finally got what I’ve been craving!

Good evening friends! For lunch today I took my cousins Urbane Cafe!

I got the Urbane Cafe salad with no cheese! It’s my favorite salad, and I have honestly been craving it for weeks! 🙂

It has spring mix, avocado, pears, pecans, chicken, and balsamic vinaigrette

After lunch I picked up Griffin and we went to Trader Joes to grocery shop for his family & my family

Every time we go there he ALWAYS without fail finds the hidden turtle! So today, we got treats 🙂

While I was there I picked up one of these pure bars to try 🙂

This is half a bar pictured. I the other half was already in my tummy 😉 I almost forgot to take a picture! They were really good! I had mine with a yummy cup of coffee 🙂


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