Quick, super simple gluten-free breakfast

Good afternoon 🙂 I wanted to post about a little breakfast burrito that I’ve been having lately because it’s so quick and easy!

I’ve been using gluten-free tortillas because I bought them when I was thinking about totally removing gluten. They are a good substitute if you have to be gluten free, but if you don’t have to, I would prefer ezekiel tortillas. Nothing seems as soft as flour…

These eggs on the other hand are my absolute favorite! They’re so good. They have a darker yolk than normal eggs, but they have such great flavor. Thanks to my auntie Rhonda for telling me about them 🙂

All I put is 2 eggs, salsa, and the tortilla. It’s perfect for when I want something quick, but more than a LARABAR.

See? Little & filling 🙂

Also, another thing I have been loving are cuties for snacks! They satisfy my sweet tooth, and taste like a treat! Have you guys gotten your cuties this season? 🙂

Before I end, look how cute this note from my dad is! He put this on my Extra Credit Letter this morning (yes, we get extra credit for writing letters to our grandparents). Don’t be fooled though… we have to include a total of what seems to be 10 pg’s every letter, of information about anatomy/physiology! Haha, it’s good though- we all like the extra points 🙂



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2 responses to “Quick, super simple gluten-free breakfast

  1. I love eggs and tortilla’s! I usually add a little lettuce and salsa to mines ;).


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