Will power makes you feel good!

Oh the will-power I had tonight…! I’m babysitting two of the sweetest boys right now!

For dinner, their Mom ordered Pizza & Cheesy bread. Okay, more than the looks of these, the smell is what killed me… it smelled SO GOOD! Haha, I’m actually thankful that I’m gluten-free now, because if I weren’t, I wouldn’t have been able to hold back!

Instead, I had a nice big plate of BBQ’d veggies. My dad mixes these up with a couple tbsps of olive oil, and then throws them on the grill in a bbq grill plate.

The veggies come out with the best BBQ’d flavor, and taste sweeter than ever because all of the sugars in the vegetables caramelize. This is one of my favorite dishes!

This time, he cooked corn too. It was delish! Oh, and he added some tofu! That was great, and more filling than usual because of the protein! Mmm-mmm good! I feel so healthy.

Now this is a much better feeling than I would have if I ate that pizza… remember that friends! Whenever you have a choice between something healthy and “junk-food,” remember how good you feel after you eat the healthy thing 🙂


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