Breakfast today- I almost slipped!

Hello breakfast!

This morning for breakfast I had a piece of gluten-free toast, with scrambled eggs and the last of my cousins homemade jam from Humboldt

It was so good!

And, to treat myself during the holidays, we have store-bought coffee creamer in the house! Mmm mmm good! I love this pumpkin spice creamer! Has anyone tried it?

I was also craving sausage this morning, so I cooked up two vegan sausage patties before I thought… wait a minute… I better check the ingredients…

So, I looked up the ingredients online and tunrns out the first ingredient is “Wheat Gluten.” No sausage for me this morning! Oh well, at least those were the last two. I’ll leave them for someone else to enjoy! 😉

My breakfast was still just as tasty! And just so you know… I secretly love the jelly on my eggs.. same with syrup… do you? 😉


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