How I order pizza when I go out

So, last night I went on a double-date with Kurt, and our friends Danielle & Marco!

We had a really good time, and it was so good to finally get together with the two of them! We have been trying to work that our for a while 🙂

(and of course… I didn’t take pictures of us! What’s with me lately?)

I did however take a picture of my pizza, after I ate half! Haha! I got a small (9 inch) pizza with Gluten-Free crust, and no cheese. I’m still a huge fan so far of getting cheese-less pizza. You guys have to try it! It feels so guilt free, yet tastes amazing!

This was the pizza I ordered^ with no cheese, and gluten-free crust. So satisfying. I ate the whole thing, and didn’t feel “stuffed” at all after! Now that’s how I like to feel after eating pizza!

After dinner, we went downtown Ventura to see a movie. The girls got to pick, and luckily, the guys liked the movie! Haha, we told them that we would see a different movie if they wanted, but they “do what they’re told.” Yeaaah right 😉


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