Dinner last night with Chloe and Momma

Last night, me & Chloe met my Mom for pizza! Momma bought me dinner 🙂

It was so cute… when my mom got there, Chloe jumped right down and ran over to her saying “Dottie, Dottie!” It made my Mom soo happy- it was totally adorable!

At Red Brick Pizza, I got a garden salad with Italian Dressing, and more gluten-free, cheese-free pizza!

It was sooo good! I’m seriously obsessed with this pizza now. It’s soo satisfying, but not filling. Now I know that sounds funny, like… “why would you want to eat a pizza that’s not filling?” I think it’s better to be satisfied than to be full. Being full is uncomfortable, and makes eating less enjoyable… But just being totally satisfied, not needing anything else, and still feeling like you could put your best pair of jeans on…! Now that’s my kind of pizza!


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