Crackers, apples, and cheese snack!

Studying looks fun, doesn’t it? 😉 It’s down to the last two weeks, so I’m going to kick some butt and end the semester well!

Noah I really proud of me too…

Can’t you tell? 😉

For snack time, I had a few gluten-free crackers with apples, swiss cheese, and slivered almonds

These are the crackers that I used- they have a ranch flavor that is awesome if you’re gluten free!

This really tripped me out! I did NOT see this picture before I made my snack! Haha, all I can think is maybe I saw that picture when I bought the crackers, and it just subconsciously stuck in my head? I don’t know! But I made almost the identical thing!

This was suuch a small and yummy snack. All the flavors together were perfect!


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