I stole someones Coffee! ;)

Good morning everyone! So, before I do my breakfast post, I want to catch you up on my eats from last night!

I went with Kurt to Buca Di Beppo to his families Christmas Party for their restaurant, Go Fish. As you all know, there was tons of pizza, pasta, and bread floating around the whole night- it looked and smelled amazing, but I stuck to the salad, and enjoyed myself some fine wine! The salad was actually super good, and I enjoyed the company!

At the dinner, we had a gift exchange, and I got this gift! Sorry Todd, I totally stole this from you! Haha, everyone knew I was going to take this too! Of course! It’s coffee! The coolest thing is that the coffee in the back (green and yellow) is from China! Can’t wait to try this 🙂

After dinner we stopped by Whole Foods in Thousand Oaks because I don’t have one near my house. I got this LARA BAR, plus a handful of other flavors to try so I could fill you guys in! I got lots of gluten-free things and will be posting about them 🙂

For my Petite Treat, I had 1/2 cup of non-fat sugar free chocolate pudding with a little bit of whipped cream and gluten-free granola! Mmm-mmm good! The granola was Udi’s Brand. I will post a picture when I can get better lighting- the lighting was awful last night! Haha


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