Warning: this post is verrry tempting ;)

After school today my boyfriend and I walked to fresh & easy to see if they had gluten-free bagels because I was craving a bagel. They didn’t, so instead we came home with these! Haha, I was literally tugging him out of the grocery store but he insisted.. and I must say… I am glad he did! 😉

When we came home I snacked on a kiwi while I decided what I wanted to have for lunch.

I choose veggies & tofu with pesto, and then decided to add some pasta as a topping.

Topping, meaning there were more veggies than pasta, and that was just how I liked it! By the way, this is Quinoa pasta and it is excellent! 🙂



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2 responses to “Warning: this post is verrry tempting ;)

  1. Melody

    Recently diagnosed with Celiac and have been “scared” to try the pastas because I’m afraid they’ll be awful and nothing like the orginal…..glad you recommend the quinoa pasta because I bought some and was working up the courage to try it. I find I’m craving things I cannot have anymore…..bagels, ravioli, soft buns and english muffins, etc!

    • Hi Melody! I am having the same issue- but luckily I have found great substitutes to solve it! My advice on the pasta is to cook it longer than it says until it’s really soft! Otherwise it tends to be too dense- for me at least. I just keep testing little pieces until I know it’s fluffy! For bagels- read my post from yesterday (12/11/11). I found these gluten-free bagels from our local whole foods store, Lassens, here in Ventura. They were a little pricey, but one of my friends contacted me and said they also sell them at Target in the freezer section, if your Target is also a grocery store! At Target they are only $4 dollars for a pack of four, at the other store they were $6.49 for a pack of four. Good news! 😉 Look for gluten-free things everywhere you go and try lots of different things! Don’t let yourself feel deprived! I will do my best to taste new things and post about them too! I have found a new LOVE for corn tortillas!


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