99% fat-free chili & corn tortillas

The rest of yesterday. So, my lunch at school was a Blueberry LARABAR and a little bag of trail mix. When I got home from school, about 4 hours later, I snacked on an apple.

Just a couple hours after that, I made a super simple dinner, that tasted like it took forever! I was craving corn tortillas, and chili, so this is what I came up with! Thought: maybe this sounded good because I’ve had chili and cornbread before? Hmmm…

I put a little bit of olive oil in a pan at med/high heat. I dumped some slivered onions in there that I had just sliced. After that cooked a few minutes, I just stuck the corn tortilla on top of the onions so they could pick up some flavor- better that just sitting flavorless on the counter, right? 😉

After the onions cooked I moved the corn tortillas under the onions so they were directly on the pan and let them soften in some olive oil- they felt so perfect! I lined my plate/bowl (whatever you want to call it!) with 2 corn tortillas, poured a can of 99% fat free chili on top, and topped it with sauteéd onions. So good, and soo simple!


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