I got glasses! Woohoo! Oh, and my food ;)

Good evening tumblies! How are you? I hope well!

This morning for breakfast, I had a brown rice tortilla with one egg & cheese- quesadilla style! Yums!


For lunch, I had one slice apple, with slices of a caramel peanut butter protein bar!

Such a healthy, yummy treat! Tastes like caramel apple!

And look! I got glasses! I have wanted glasses ever since I was a little one. These ones are so cute! They look like ray-bans, but are actually Chanel. The little spots on the front-sides are little Chanel signs. Cute huh?!

For dinner, I had soup! Yummy homemade soup that doesn’t ever compare! My Dads the best!

I also had two corn tortillas on the side! So yummy!


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Filed under Being Gluten-Free, Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch


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