Gluten-Free Bagel. Thank goodness!

Dinner- I was CRAVING a bagel tonight, so I decided to head over to our local whole foods store, Lassens, and see if I would have any luck. Sure enough, I did!

Gluten free bagels by Udi’s! These are SO good! I honestly like them more than regular bagels! They have such a good flavor! The only downfall is they are a little pricey- but totally worth it.. $6.49 for 4 bagels… that’s pricey, right?

Anyways, I toasted mine, put a little bit of smart balance buttery spread, then put 3 slices of tomato, 3 leaves of spinach, and one piece of swiss cheese on each side. Next, I stuck them back in the toaster oven on broil for a few minutes and they came out perfect! 🙂

This was so amazing, and totally satisfied me! This is the reason we should always eat what we are craving- just make it healthy! Oh, and I had a small bowl of carrots on the side 🙂


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