Happy Day!

Good morning loves! First of all, let me catch you up on the rest of my eaties last night. I went to a study session with my boyfriend and girl friends. We got lots done! πŸ™‚

I took these Gluten-Free cookies, and look! They got eaten! I didn’t think people would touch them because most people think of gluten-free food and say “ew!” But don’t believe it. It’s yummy! It’s just like any other food- all in how you make it! I ate 2 of these lil’ babies and was happy & satisfied πŸ™‚

When I got home, I was hungry again and felt like fruit. So I cut up a kiwi, banana, and apple and enjoyed myself some fruit!

This morning, I woke up, answered emails, got WAY HAPPY for my buhff Angelala because she just got an AWESOME job with a fashion company, and made breakfast! One egg, one white, gluten free toast (thats one piece, but its broken), and coffee!

Also, I’m drinkin down some emergen-c that my friend Danielle brought me. Trying to get better! I had a nasty cold for 4 weeks, then it went away, and came back 3 days later. Now it’s at the end again- I HOPE! Prayers that it will go away, please & thank you! πŸ™‚

Have a happy day friends! It’s now time for me to clean house! Be back later with lunch- I’m thinking soup again! My dads soup is unavoidable!


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