Eggs n’ toast for lunch

Good afternoon tumblies! Hope you guys are enjoying your days 🙂

Drink (regular Vanilla latte with soy and No Sugar Added powder)

So, today after I did some cleaning/laundry, I met up with my boyfriend, Kurt, and we went to Coffee Bean. He studied and did homework, and I worked on my Vision Board that you can see on my Pinterest (that’s just what I’ve got so far)


When we came home, I made some lunch because I was starvin! I saw a picture (which I also posted on Pinterest) of a piece of toast an egg just like this, and I decided to make it for myself!

I toasted a piece of Whole Wheat bread (fresh), drizzled some olive oil over the top, and put one egg right on top. It was delicious, and just what I was craving. I also had salad on the side (arugula, olive oil, balsamic, and s&p). Super simple, and super yummy!



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5 responses to “Eggs n’ toast for lunch

  1. Lauren Crane

    I was just wondering..are you still gluten free? If did you go off of the gluten free diet without having all the stomach problems?

    • Hi Lauren! I am no longer gluten-free. I did the diet for about 5 weeks, and after that I tried incorporating gluten into on of my meals to see how I felt. I felt perfectly fine after that meal. I decided to test it out myself, because I was still having stomach aches every single day even when I wasn’t eating gluten. I had a talk with one of my friends, and she told me that she gets stomach aches just from the anxiety of eating sometimes (she thinks about it too much- if she’s eating too much, if she’s eating the right thing, how long it’s been since her last meal, is she going to gain weight if she eats “this or that,” etc.. you get the picture). When she told me that, a light went off in my head and I knew that could be my same problem. I realized that I had only started getting the stomach aches the last few months, and I at the same time had also started worrying about my weight a little bit more… (through the Holidays I gained a few and didn’t like it at all). I told myself from that day forward I wasn’t going to stress about food any longer, because those stomach aches were so uncomfortable, and if all that was responsible for them was thinking too much about the effects of my food, then heck! I wasn’t going to worry anymore. Since that day, I have not had one stomach ache from eating, with the exception of the couple times I DID worry about what I was eating. It was a 100% mind thing for me, which is why I feel that the “No Grains, No Sugar, No Cheese” mindset diet that I do a few times a year is SO good for me. It really sets my relationship straight with eating, and I think we all need to put ourselves in check every once in a while. Especially when it only benefits us 🙂

      • Lauren Crane

        I have never even thought about just stressing about what I was putting into my stomach could actually lead to having stomach problems. Stress plays a very large role in how our bodies function, and stressing out too much does a lot of damage. I tend to over think and worry about things that I should not be (worry wart as my boyfriend says) and maybe over analyzing the situation is actually what is the problem. When I first started kicking gluten out of my diet, I felt fantastic-for awhile. I slowly started to feel the stomach pains coming back, and thought maybe gluten isn’t what is causing this. I am not sure which direction I should go in my diet, because gluten free isn’t the most easy and does seem to cause a lot of stress.

  2. Lauren Crane

    What I am really trying to say is..maybe I should start putting gluten back into my diet and see if that helps. Hearing how it hasn’t effected you negatively is nice to hear

    • Yea, it hasn’t affected me at all. It was/is definitely stress that plays the biggest role in my diet. It takes a toll on my body, my skin, my mind, my goals, my dreams, my relationships, just about everything. That’s why the most important thing for me is to do things that make me feel good, reduce stress, don’t cause me to over think, and things that just fill me with joy. It’s when I am filled with true joy that I feel my healthiest and most radiant 🙂


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