How I ate healthy while babysitting :)

Good evening everyone! So, this is what my day of babysitting from 1-11pm looks like. I packed lots of healthy foods, and even found 1 treat at the house that was well worth eating!


Oatmeal with banana and one pack of omega-3 trek mix from TJ’s… I love my oatmeal 🙂

Snacks, orange and carrots with tomato basil hummus (best hummus!)

Petite Treat tonight was two chocolate truffles while reading about the “Snob Diet.” I instantly deserved them, and they absolutely satisfied my sweet tooth! If any of you have a Glamour Magazine, I’m sure you’ve read all about it! Great concept I think 🙂

-Choose high-quality food

-Enjoy that food

-Don’t deny cravings

-If it’s not truly delicious, don’t eat it

Dinner was delicious! I had gluten-free pasta with chicken, tomato basil marinara, brussel sprouts, and a tiny bit of fresh parmesan cheese

Snack- edamame, then another hour later, apple sauce

By the time I got home at about 11:30 I was super hungry again (fast metabolism?) and I had this LARABAR. I feel really proud of myself for eating healthy while babysitting, because that’s my biggest struggle! For some reason, it’s so much harder when you’re around kids (maybe their cupboards?!)


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