One girls experience- how do people eat in Italy?

Okay, so now for today, since I had to catch you up on yesterday first. I woke up this morning, with the most SORE legs of my life! I feel like every step I take feels like I am walking on bruises. Now I hear, if I do some light cardio, it will actually help. Is this true?

Anyways, for breakfast, I had my protein shake. Aria Vanilla protein powder, flaxseed (1 tbsp), and one banana.

After breakfast, I went and got my nails done 🙂 This time, I changed from the pink and white and had them put color on. I figure this is the last time before Spring that I’ll have a fall color on my nails. I like this color because it’s the color I was wearing when I bought my car. Funny the way I remember things, right?

After my nails, I came home and made a turkey sandwich. I had ezekiel bread, turkey, mustard, avocado, onion, and lettuce, with pickles on the side. DE-LISH! And look, I used a top piece too! I think I’m known for most things being “open-faced.”

Also, I wanted to share one thing with you guys, because I have always been so curious! While I was getting my nails done, there was a girl there who had just gotten home from a trip to Italy. The second she told me, I wanted to hear all about it. One thing I really picked her brain at, was how they ate over there- I have always been curious! She told me that there day pretty much goes like this:

Breakfast– go to a coffee shop, stand at the bar (you have to pay a “service fee” to sit down- basically like a tip would be in the US), drink your coffee, eat your croissant & cheese/meat (salami or something like it).

For lunch, you have your biggest meal, and it’s usually between 12-2. You first have sliced meat & cheese, then pasta (which she said almost always has fish in it), and then they bring you out more meat. She said people also drink wine during this time. Then, between 2-4, everything closes and you go home and nap.

Then around dinner, usually from 7-9 (she said everything is made fresh, so it takes a long time to eat), you have another meal pretty much like lunch. She also said that their dessert is having a cappucino.

I am sooo curious about the way they eat! Have any of you guys been to Italy? And have you had the same, or different experience? Please share 🙂


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