Day 2: 7 Day Slim Down Meal 2 & my 3 tips on staying MOTIVATED!

Hello everybody!!

Did you get a morning workout in? If you did, I bet you’re feeling fabulous! And if not, you still have time to get out there 🙂

Okay, so Meal #2!

1/2 Grapefruit all cut up with a little bit of Stevia!

I did this after my FIRST SET of the Valentines Day workout, after my Body Works Class at the gym. I am going to be sore tomorrow! Second set is happening tonight before dinner 😉

Okay, so I wanted to post on THREE THINGS that keep me motivated!


I cannot even tell you how much staying organized helps me! Just having a clean room, clean kitchen, organized closet (makes me want to get ready, and feel good more often), setting out my morning BootyCall clothes the night before- it ALL helps!

First thing I do when I wake up is bathroom, then change into my morning BootyCall (walking) clothes, then make my bed, then head right out the door with Coffee in one hand, and Noah’s leash in the other (yes, Noah is attached, haha). It gets me right out the door, and when I come back, my room looks nice and neat and I’m motivated to start planning my day 🙂


When I get home from my morning walk, I grab my Tone It Up notebook, and one of my food log pages. Right now, I am doing the 7 Day Slim Down plan, so I grab whichever day I am on and write down what I’m going to eat for each meal. It’s so simple!

Next, I write down my goals for the week, month, and year. Just a couple! I also write the workout that I am going to do that day. As I go through the day, I check of each meal/workout.

This may seem tedious, and I understand that it takes a little bit of time, but it’s so worth it in helping you achieve a healthy lifestyle! I follow exactly what I write down, and at the end of every day I feel proud, and I gain more trust in myself EACH TIME I succeed. If I don’t, I pick right back up the next day and try again.


So, what I mean by this is having a ‘prize’ at the end of your path. Whether it be a new clothing item, a night out with the girls, a holiday, a trip you’re going on, a family reunion, or a special holiday (Valentines Day!), just have something at the end of yourfirst goal that you can look forward to. It will motivate you to just get there (and make your goals short, maybe just a week at a time, that way the ‘finish-line’ is in sight). After you get to that goal marker, enjoy whatever it is waiting for you, and the next day set a new goal: write down something else you’re looking forward to!

I posted a Lululemon logo, because the prize at the end of my path this week, is one article of Lululemon (which I have never boughten for myself)! I only have one pair of pants, and they were a very nice gift! Hi Linda & Scott! 🙂

What keeps all of you motivated?


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