Day 2: 7 Day Slim Down Meals 3 & 4… so you wanna steam your veggies?

Yay! Thank goodness I can now upload pictures! I was literally checking every 15 minutes. Anxious to blog? I think so! Okay you guys! Here is my Meal #3!

Salad with spring mix, arugula, balsamic, chicken + a side of steamed broccoli

This was the leftover chicken that I made yesterday. It’s great to make it ahead of time!

Remember, planning keeps you motivated!

I steamed my broccoli with some boiling water and a strainer.

Just put an inch or so of water in the pot, get it boiling, and set the strainer on top with your veggies inside, then cover with lid. Great alternative to the microwave 🙂

Simple! No need to spend money on a steamer if you don’t want to!

While I was babysitting today, I got to hangout with sweet Bailey!

Look how cute he is! This dog is a lover, for sure!

Harper was checking out the view while I was eating lunch outside, watching her play.

Such a beautiful view! I could see all of Ventura!

A couple hours after lunch, I snacked on my thinkThin bar because I was starving. This was Meal #4

Little did I know, I totally skipped the piece of fruit that I was allowed with lunch! That’s coming in the next post! See you there! 😉


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