Day 3: 7 Day Slim Down (Meal 1 & 2) + encouragement for YOU! :)

Good morning everyone! It’s Wednesday! “My Humps Day” on Tone It Up.

You all going to do a 40 minute BOOTY workout to work your “Lady Hump” today?

I did a Step Class this morning, and we did lot’s and lot’s or lunges and squats, my booty is already workin’! I am still going to do some more though.

Maybe find a TIU Vid 🙂 What are you all doing to work your booty today?

After my BootyCall walk this morning, I cup up some grapefruit and ran off to the gym.

I had two switch-a-roo meals 1 & 2 because of a time crunch!

I did a Step Class this morning, and I am convinced that they should change the Wednesday class name to “HIIT Bootcamp,” because that’s what it felt like! GREAT workout!

When I came home, I made Meal 2! A Slim Down Protein Pancake!

These get better and better every time I make them!

Great way to start the day! Pancakes- that help you Tone It Up! What, what?!

First of all, this isn’t my picture, I found it on google images. But, I wanted to share how badly I want to get Starbucks just for this cup! I know so many of you are feeling just the same!

Have you gotten yours yet? They are so stinkin cute!

Okay, so lastly, I wanted to share what I was thinking about this morning on my walk. Here is some ENCOURAGEMENT! 🙂

First of all, I woke up feeling fabulous on Day 3! I ran into my Moms room, lifted up my shirt, and I was like “Mom! Touch my tummy! It’s hard!” Haha, I’m so weird, but we all already new that… 🙂

Point is, when I was walking for my BootyCall this morning, I was thinking…”Wow, if I already feel good after two days, think of how 7 days will feel!… and if I keep it up for 14 days, that will feel twice as good! Woah… now think about how awesome I will feel in one month! That will be 15 times as good as I feel today!”

These thoughts really motivated me to be proud of myself EVERYDAY, because everyday is adding up to that point, where in one month I am going to be able to say “LOOK WHAT I DID! I DID IT!”

This goes for ALL OF YOU! You should all be proud of yourself everyday, every meal that you eat healthy, every workout you put in, every time you stop and are thankful for what you have already achieved. In fact, you should be thanking yourself ahead of time for all the things that you WILL achieve!


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