Day 4: 7 Day Slim Down (Meal 1) + Lululemon cute tank!

Good morning tumblies and Tone It Up girls! Hope you all slept well!

I have found myself dreaming about Tone It Up, every night! Do you guys dream about it? Haha, It’s been my life this week! But, I love it!

For Meal 1 today, I had the Slim Down Scramble. I feel a little weak today, so I am making sure to drink lots of water, and add in extra veggies. I even put an extra egg-white for the protein.

I skipped the gym class this morning, because I just can’t hang today!

I went for a 40 minute walk this morning with my Mom instead, and I am going to do 30 minutes of some kind of cardio this evening. Haven’t decided what kind yet.

Okay, so you know how I talked about having a “Prize at the end of your path?”

Well, I am considering this Practice Freely Lululemon tank to be it! It’s so adorable, and looks so comfortable! My kinda top!

What do you guys think?



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2 responses to “Day 4: 7 Day Slim Down (Meal 1) + Lululemon cute tank!

  1. What do you put in the scrambled eggs? 🙂


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