An eventful Sunday… thank God for a busy life! ♥

Good evening everyone! I know it’s pretty late as I am posting this, but as you may know from my post last night, I had a busy day planned today!

This morning, I went for a walk super early, and this is what it looked like outside at 5:30 am

Super cold, quiet, and kinda eerie! All I could here were little chiming bells and the sound of the light wind. Uh spoooky? Yes! But at the same time, it was also really peaceful and just nice to be outside with my coffee and little Noah

After my walk, I came home and got ready for Church.

On my way there, I snacked on this pear. I’m not even going to attempt to number my meals today, because with the shower they were all over the place 🙂

After Church, I went to the Mall with my friend Aubrey and her son. She bought me Coffee Bean (thank you Aubs!) and we hit a bunch of great sales 🙂

And of course, after that was my cousin Shannah’s babyshower! Look at all that great food!

My Mom made dark chocolate covered strawberries! So great!

Here is my sweet sweet baby cousin Bella 🙂

I always try to steal her whenever I can 😉 I love this little one!

Here is what my plate looked like… plus some more broccoli, a few more chips, and one more piece of a subway sandwich later on.

These chips are so good! They are called “Falafel Chips” from Trader Joes, and are made from Garbonzo Beans and Corn. Juuummy! (Yes, this means yummy, hehe)

I also had some grapes- which I accidently bought way too much of! My mom sent me to the store and asked if I would pick up 5lbs because they were on sale for $.89 each. Instead, my brain decided to interpret that as “buy 5 bags.” So, that being said, we ended up with 10 lbs of grapes. Whoops! At least I have happy family members who went home with some grapes 😉

I also had 3 5 chocolate covered strawberries. These. were. the. best. OH MY. Mom, you are amazing!

Here is a picture of some family and friends 🙂 Shannah is the one right front and center! She has the cutest baby bump! Ah, all of us cousins were obsessing over it. I’m sad that you can’t see it better in this picture! Her white shirt is camouflaging it!

And of course, the cake! I ate my whole piece, minus a little bit of frosting because the inside is actually my favorite part. The frosting is good, but a little too sweet so much!

The real deal (for me) is ice cream or frozen yogurt. So, when I got home I had two scoops of my Green Tea Ice Cream that my friend & follower bought me! Thank you Trish! I loved it so much! I drizzled a little bit of chocolate on top and it was perfect!

After my ice cream, I went of to get a workout in before the gym closed. I’m really trying to keep busy right now, because I’m just at a place where I’m in need of constant distractions. You girls know what I’m talking about? It seems to make tough times easier… or even the most simple struggles. I know some of you girls have already written me about this, and feel just the same, so that is nice to hear. I’m so thankful for all of you, and my friends and family! Staying busy just seems to work…

After the gym, I wanted to eat something healthy and full of protein, so I made these little turkey wraps and had 1/2 cup of cottage cheese.

These wraps actually have 2 slices of turkey each (the turkey was falling apart) and each have a little smear of tomato & basil hummus, plus a few spinach leaves. They are a perfectly light snack, which is just what I needed tonight after a workout and a day full of lots of yummies!

Okay, well I love you guys! I hope you have had the best weekend, and such a happy Sunday!

And for those of you girls just pulling through the 7 Day Slim Down today, GREAT JOB! You Tone It Up girls are so amazing, and so encouraging to one another! I am happy to be apart of your team! You girls bless me! 🙂


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