Me in a workout-jumpsuit, as a babygirl. Here’s a laugh!

Good afternoon beautiful ladies! I hope you are all having a fantastic day! And if not, I hope this post brings you a little bit of sunshine ❤

This morning, I woke up and got right on my computer. I had so many sweet messages from you all about lasts nights post.

Let me just say, we can ALL relate! It was such an eye-opener to me to see how many of you feel just the same. Girls, you are beautiful! We all are! I can’t even tell you the amount of girls who responded saying that message touched them, some to tears, and that they also wanted to stop their bad habit of dieting. Please do, if it is harming you in any way. You can feel SO much better, because you ARE better having a life consumed with food negativity and false body image.

As I was replying to you all, I was enjoying a little piece of a chocolate protein bread that Kayla Ann made for me! She is always sharing the most delicious things with me!

After my little morning blogging/coffee session, I snuck off the the gym for a BodyWorks Class. I love these classes! I’m starting to see some muscles! 😉

When I got home from the gym, I made myself a yummy breakfast. I had one piece of cinnamon raisin Ezekiel toast with added butter & cinnamon (thank you Kayla), and 2 eggs, with one extra white. I wanted the extra protein after just working out

After breakfast, I got ready and met my friend Tiffany for Coffee at the Coffee Bean. I got another Passion Tea Latte! Creamy. Fruity. Heaven! Have you guys tried it yet?

I also had a thinkThin Crunch bar that I picked up at Whole Foods yesterday.

It was good, but nothing beats my LARABAR’s so far… sorry girls, I just can’t stray! Hehe 🙂

Are you a LARABAR lover too?

After Coffee, I stopped at Lassen’s to get some Cinnamon Raisin English Muffins. Thank you Alyssa for the recommendation! She is an avid blog reader of mine, and always gives me great recommendations! I love it!

Look how beautiful it is outside today! Another one of my readers, Julie, who lives in New York, said that she likes reading my blog for that little bit of Sunshine each day from my pictures, so this is for her 🙂 Hi Julie!

And this is me as I am posting this! Hehe, sitting here, sipping on my coffee… soo thankful for all of my readers. I love you guys, and think about it all the time!

And just for a laugh or two, or four, or five…. Here is a picture of me from when I was little! Haha, I was at my aunts house, in my workout outfit. Sweet, right?!

Haha, when I was little and my Dad would go to the gym, he’d take me along with him and I’d go to the daycare. We have a video of me standing by the garage door, with a stack of clothes in my hands, saying “I’m going to the workout!” My parents asked me what all the clothes were for, and I began telling them all the different outfits I needed at “The Workout.” It wasn’t called “The Gym,” it was called “The Workout.”



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2 responses to “Me in a workout-jumpsuit, as a babygirl. Here’s a laugh!

  1. jessi

    Just found your blog, love it! And those ezekiel egg muffins are what’s UP, they’re so yummy. You’ve definitely got a new follower =) Now I have to go check out what your last post was about!


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