Date Night- The Vow!

Good morning every body! Okay, so I officially fail at taking pictures of people. What’s the deal? It’s like I have switched into pictures of the food, and forget that the people are usually the ones to take pictures. So, with that being said, forgive me, for there are no people pictures here. Whoops!

Last night, Kurt and I went on another Date. It was so much fun! We went to Wood Ranch for dinner. I had one of the famously delicious bread rolls. So good!

Thanks to the photo genius Kurt for taking this picture 😉

It’s so hard for me to get good pictures at night, because I am so anti-flash! Do you guys have any suggestions for me?

For dinner, I got half a Natalies Salad. This was just perfect for me, along with my bread roll, because earlier I had eaten half of the Good For You Pizza.

After Wood Ranch, I wanted a warm, cozy drink. We had lots of time before our movie started.

We went next door to the mall, where the closest Coffee Bean was. I got a Strawberry Cream Tea, and Kurt got a Minty Tea. I love this flavor! Just the tea bag with some sweetener is really good! If you’re into lattes (which I am, but I wanted something lite) this would make a great one!

Before we left the mall, I stopped and drooled over this perfume by benefit. I love this smell! My friend Aubrey bought it a week or so ago when we went to the mall, and I’ve been carrying around the sample in my purse for a week! I can’t stop smelling it! SO good!

I am just trying to justify buying it. It’s not too expensive ($36), but I have a full bottle of my usual Betsey Johnson at home! Shouldn’t I finish that first? *That is going to take forever…*

After that, we went and sat out at the beach for a while. It was soo beautiful! The stars were amazing. You could see them all. It was like there wasn’t a light left on the earth.

At 9:50, we went to see The Vow (a chick flick, with Kurt? No killing action in this movie? Nooo way… It amazes me). Oh my goooodness. Yes, of course, I loved it… mainly because Rachel McAdams (omg… and Channing Tatum… I die) is in it 😉

Plus, the fact that it was based off of a true story is great. If it weren’t, I probably would have wished they made her remember everything again. Can you even imagine losing your memory? So sad…

And of course, the movie candy! We actually brought our own. Shh, don’t tell.

We had Starburst and Sour Patch Kids. Which is your favorite? I could eat Sour Patch Kids like it was popcorn- just keep it comin’!

Are you a Starburst, or a Sour Patch Kid? 🙂



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2 responses to “Date Night- The Vow!

  1. Kristina

    That’s a tough one, I love them both?


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