Happy Sunday! I got to spend it with the sweetest little one ever!

Hi loves! Hope you are all having a fabulous day 🙂

Happy Sunday!

This morning, Kayla and I woke up and had Steel Cut Oats, which she made up last night (they take a while to cook)

They were so nums! We had her homemade granola on top. Look at that color!

Goodness, she gets craftier with her cooking every time I see her. Can I be jealous of my best friend? Because I am! Good thing she’s a sharer with her ideas 😉

Here we are! I have honestly never had such a wonderful friend. I am truly blessed with this one, and I just feel like it should be said. I feel so lucky, to have someone who I can actually count on. I could literally go to her for anything, and when something is up, she’s always the first one to make sure I’m doing okay. I’ve literally never met a stronger woman in my life. That’s why I say she is my inspiration. So, thank you Kayla, I know you’re reading this 🙂

On my way home, I had one of her homemade quinoa bars. Of course! Something else homemade! Haha, she does it all!

Arriving home in Ventura, I picked up little Chloe and we went to meet my family at Snapper Jacks for my cousins Birthday.

Happy Birthday Holly! 🙂

Birthday girl is in the middle!

I didn’t get anything at Snapper Jacks because I was too excited to eat the leftovers that were waiting in my lunch pail 🙂

Here they are! The rest of my Spanakopita, with some rice with Corn & Chile Salsa mixed in from Trader Joe’s.

This salsa is so yummy! Oh, and before I went to pick up Chloe, I had half a banana with a tbsp. of Peanut Butter (didn’t have a camera on me)

Mmm…mmm…mmm! Here is the inside! Spinach, feta, and ricotta cheese. So warm and melty. Perfect!

I went to Trader Joes today, and bought the little Spanakopita’s that they had in the frozen section. I’ll have to letcha all know how they are!

After lunch, I took Chloe back to her house to put her down for a nap. While she napped, I planned a little bit of my week and wrote to all of you 🙂

When she woke up, she came and hungout with me 🙂

She was SO good today (not like she is EVER bad…) She is literally an Angel, I can’t express it enough!

She came up to me, totally out of the blue, gave me a hug, and said “I am so proud of you, Paige.” It was the sweetest thing ever!



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2 responses to “Happy Sunday! I got to spend it with the sweetest little one ever!

  1. jessi

    Okay, you and your friend Kayla are freaking GORGEOUS. You can see how happy you guys are, it’s seriously like a glow you have. Such a cute post, now I needa go call my best friend and remind her how much I love’er!


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