Who is your favorite on the Bachelor?

Good evening friends! Who’s watching the Bachelor? I am!

I don’t know who I like most… I think I like Courtney… She’s just so honest, and so sweet… such a great person

Haha! Just kidding (as I used to say a million times a day as a kid)

I do not. like. her. attitude. at all! I don’t think any of you do either… I haven’t seen her take him home yet… that’s coming next! I know some of you are ahead of me!

Dinner tonight

Salad with spring mix, orange bell pepper, bean salad, and corn & chile salsa

Bell pepper rounds with egg in the middle

Broccoli & Blue Cheese (more than what was on my plate)

This meal was good, but not my favorite. Honestly, my favorite thing was the broccoli and blue cheese!

I have seen the bell pepper & eggs on pinterest, and while it was fun, I would rather just have over-medium eggs with a yummy piece of toast. This one just didn’t hit home with me.

Also, I am not sure I am a fan of marinated bean salad. I would rather just have garbanzo beans- my favorite!

For dessert, I had

Dark Chocolate & PB

White Chocolate & PB

The winner?

Dark Chocolate & PB all the way. 

I’ll save the white chocolate for my oatmeal 🙂

Okay, now I’m at the part where Courtney said she feels bad about the way she acted. Of course, I am already feeling bad for joking around at the beginning of the post, but really! She was rude, right?! I’m looking forward to see how she acts with her family…

I want to know what you girls think!



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4 responses to “Who is your favorite on the Bachelor?

  1. bahahah lol Courtney. I actually didn’t despise her as much on the home town date. She usually entertains the heck outa me but i was bored lol And in a creepy way the wedding thing was kind of cute lol.
    Totally agree with the peppers egg mixture thing, I tried it too and although it was visually appealing, it didn’t really go together that well. I would have preferred to wrap a nice piece of bacon around my egg lol, buuuuut we all know thats not gonna happen.
    Picked up some white chocolate chips today so my oatmeal tomorrow is gonna be yummy!

    • I feel the same about Courtney, but do you know that I heard she got those Vows from Sex in the City?! That’s so lame! Sad for Ben!

      Yea, negative on the pepper and egg! Not the best combo! YOU HAVE TO LET ME KNOW HOW YOU LIKE THE WHITE CHOC CHIPS! Yay! So glad you’re going to try it! I had it again this morning 🙂

  2. kayleigh

    oh courtney, courtney, courtney.. i was reading the beginning of this post and my eyes were bugging OUT OF MY HEAD. i’m so glad you were joking. i was so sad kacie went home, she was my fave.

    and i have never had white chocolate chips before but after reading about how you made your oatmeal i may just have to go buy some, it looks so tasty!!


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