So Spanakopita Crazy!

OKAY… so yes! I am Spanakopita crazy!

They are so good, so satisfying, and taste like a big treat! And you get 3 for a serving- it’s perfect!

I had basmati rice on the side, with Corn & Chile Salsa on top. Mmm-mmm! Sweet n’ Spicy just how I like it!

I bought these at Trader Joe’s in the frozen section.

They are so simple to make.

Oven at 400

Throw them place them nicely on a baking pan

Timer set for 25 minutes

Done! ✩

These have a little bit more spinach than cheese, compared to the ones I had at the restaurant, and I actually quite liked the taste!

Have you ever tried Spanakopita? Try spelling that without looking. I just can’t get it right! Haha

Okay, now, I am going to TRY and take pictures of the makeup that I wanted to share with y’all, but I might have to wait until the morning if the lighting isn’t good… yes, I am being way picky… forgiveness 😉

Either way, stay tuned girls!



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2 responses to “So Spanakopita Crazy!

  1. These are currently in my freezer right now… I LOVE them!!! Great snack/ meal! My favorite is pairing them with a arugula salad with a little feta, lemon juice, and olive oil!

    • Oh my gosh! Good thing I have a whole box! I will buy some more arugula and give that a try! That seriously sounds amazing! Thanks so much for the recommendation! Keep your eyes peeled for this most, soon! I wont be able to stop thinking about it until I try it!


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